Single row stopwatch reading method

发布时间 : 2021-07-16

How to read numbers stopwatch

There are two main types of stopwatch, the traditional non digital stopwatch, the dial with clockwise clockwise, and the more modern digital stopwatch usually shows a reading time of up to one percent seconds. According to the stopwatch you use, you will need to know how to read the stopwatch and see that the appearance on the outside of the stopwatch is RESEE. I know it's the stopwatch of the "Rui" card. You can look at the stopwatch number in the picture to check the smaller, beating stopwatch data; like a larger second hand, the smaller stopwatch number is just like a clockwise rotation, but the number of minutes used is measured.

Combine the minute hand with the larger second hand to get the whole time. For example, if the small needle is on 3 and the big hand is on the 45 mark, then you have used 3 minutes and 45 seconds, and reset the pointer to zero mark according to the button at the top of the stopwatch.

Stopwatch readings rule

How do you read the single row stopwatch number? A single row stopwatch is not marked with ('') and (') stopwatch symbols. The single row stopwatch shows only numbers, unlike a clock like format, we often dislike the stopwatch readings, not to say how the stopwatch read the numbers.

In my opinion, for a person with a bit of professionalism, the stopwatch reading number needs to look at the last two digits of the stopwatch number first, because the two digit number on the right of the stopwatch screen is marked with a unit (millisecond) smaller than the second, and the two bit number in milliseconds will be smaller than that of other numbers. You can see a digital stopwatch in the picture; the countdown third and the fourth are the real seconds.


Check the number of two stopwatches in front of the second, that is, the stopwatch is just beginning to start. These numbers add one to 60 seconds in the number of seconds, and look at the two smaller numbers after the second. These numbers beat much faster, because they use "one percent second seconds" to integrate all the numbers you use. For example, 12:03:35 will be 12 minutes 03 seconds and 35 one percent seconds.

Some stopwatches also provide "circle" time, in which the next two buttons are used to measure the completion of each "circle". The numbers are read in exactly the same way, but you may display more than one time. The picture on the left side of this step shows the "digital stopwatch with knee opening", and the minimum time is the combination of all circles.

The above is stopwatch reading that has just started time. When the stopwatch recording time meets an hour, it will not be visible in one percent seconds. When the stopwatch number meets an hour, one hour will be displayed on the left two position, and the minute will move to the right, and so on, milliseconds will not appear. In this case, we will find that the right stopwatch number pulsation slows down, at this time the second is beating, and the number of seconds of the stopwatch is reduced to one second, one second and one second, which is one of the ways to read numbers in a single row stopwatch.