RESEE RS-8000 series stopwatch

发布时间 : 2021-07-16

How to look at the stopwatch

When you use an electronic stopwatch, you will be mistaken by the numbers on this screen. In particular, stopwatch with a few lines of numbers is displayed on the screen. As far as I know, a few lines of stopwatch show a few lines. "That line is a row on the stopwatch science." we see three lines on the screen of the stopwatch. We call the three row stopwatch, and how do the stopwatch look? According to the number of rows of rows on the screen of the stopwatch, it's so simple, just like the second watch of the game below. Today, let's take the stopwatch as an example.

How to look at the screen digital stopwatch 

The electronic stopwatch, which belongs to electronic products, is a very hot mini time appliance, and we often use it as a track and field performance timing, but this track and field activity is also the only person at the level of the referee's coach, but a few lines on the stopwatch have a few lines. How do you read it? These are embarrassing.

I'll tell you a trick here. You know how to read the stopwatch, and how to look at the number on it. We want to see a small number on the top left of the stopwatch, because the 100 stopwatch can record 100 far mobilized runners at the same time, but the stopwatch shows 3 lines, not 100. The number of lines means that the three row number shown in this stopwatch is the time difference between the three runners who reach the finish lineThe time difference is the first and second lines, the third line is larger, and the third lines are the runners' running time, because we use the 100 stopwatch, such as the 8 colleagues running, and we usually press the left key at the end of the race to get the results, but we find the big number of numbers he won't stop. Instead, we jump out of a small number in the second line, and we look at it. This is the time time for the stopwatch to record the runners' running time, that is, the distance to the end.


What is the time to record the record of the stopwatch?

This is the time to stop again after the function of the stop, our sports stopwatch is the top of the middle button can look over, the novice need to sneak a few times, after reading my article in the press of those buttons will be found, the skill is a small number in the upper left, such as the upper left small number 1 represents the end of the arrival. At the top of the point, the top left shows 2, which is the running time of the athletes' score at the end of the second time, and the top left is 3, that is the running time of the athlete's score at the end of the third time; and so on; and the results are changed above, and the time difference of the last person shows below (as follows) Graph display)

How to read the stopwatch of the result time

The stopwatch records the results. How do I read the stopwatch? This is nothing more than time, minutes and seconds, but on the stopwatch there is always a string of numbers. How can we distinguish them? We usually distinguish between time, minute, second, and we all know it, and the stopwatch is marked with a two - handed punctuation; in the screen of the electronic stopwatch, the hour unit is marked with two points in the colon (:), the minute is marked with a small skimming (""), and the unit of the second is a small two. Skim ("") marks, and the next few numbers are smaller than seconds.We all read it, milliseconds, microseconds, nanoseconds, picoseconds; (1 second =1000 milliseconds, 1 milliseconds =1000 microseconds, 1 microseconds =1000 nanosecond, 1 nanosecond =1000 picoseconds); and how much is the stopwatch displayed? This depends on the accuracy of the stopwatch on your hand. The accuracy of our stopwatch is generally one percent seconds to 1/1000 seconds, and it can also show that the stopwatch can be accurate to milliseconds.

Now we all know how to read the stopwatch and how to read it. If not, that means you are not a professional referee coach, really want to use the words that please contact us, we are stopwatch manufacturers, this stopwatch design and production is our factory, we know how to read the stopwatch and the stopwatch how to see everything Oh!