After sale service undertaking

Shenzhen Resee Technology Co.,Ltd uphold the principle of " a full range, high quality, fast " service standards, customer satisfaction as the goal, to the public commitment.

One, service commitment

Product delivery within one week, my company after-sales service department staff can according to the customer's contact phone tracking service, until the customer satisfied.

Of all about product quality complaints, within 1 hours after the reply,and to determine the treatment measures according to the complain.

I promise all maintenance personnel availability, the better for the customers.

The warranty period on the quality of the products the costs borne by my company.

The warranty period due to improper you use, or the natural environment caused by the us to provide free repair, the repair materials and accessories are charged only the cost price.

Two,returned goods commitment

The returned products require packaging, accessories complete specification, commodity, invoice, warranty cards, invoices, returned the reasons.

User quality problems arise in the normal use condition, in the warranty period please fast contact with our company, to facilitate the users receive timely maintenance and replacement.

Three,the following situation cannot enjoy my company exchange commitment.

Product was not normal use.

Unauthorized repair, misuse, abuse and change.

Products of the normal wear and tear.

Beyond the shelf life

Special note: because the photo display reasons, can not guarantee the page display product color and the true colors of the products is completely consistent, I will try to explain.

d) Product breakage or key damage caused by human factors;

e) Products beyond the warranty period;

National unified customer service hotline:400-893-6218


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