Stopwatch timer function setting steps

发布时间 : 2021-07-16

Shenzhen RESEE Technology Co., Ltd. produces a lot of fitness supplies sports stopwatch only one of them, you can use regular daily exercise order to make part, the stopwatch is part of the sports equipment series, can be used to record your exercise time, the time required to perform the task or to complete a circle in training. Stopwatch with digital display is very easy to see, there are buttons on the side, you can start and stop the stopwatch timing button at any time.

Stopwatch timer function setting steps:

Step 1

Press the button button at the top of the stopwatch to switch back and forth between the three modes. The first is the stopwatch timer, and you can start and stop the stopwatch timer at any time and anywhere. The second is the daily "time" mode. You can check the current time and you can also calibrate yourself. The third mode is the alarm mode. The alarm is the automatic stopwatch on the stopwatch. You can set the reminder time in the stopwatch automatically.

Step 2

In the "stopwatch time" mode, press the "start / stop" button on the right side of the stopwatch to start the stopwatch timekeeping state. Again press this button to stop the stopwatch timer at the time you press it, and if you press the button again, the timer will start from this point. If you want to restart, then press the button on the upper right to keep the stopwatch timeout, press the button on the left side of the stopwatch, the stopwatch time will reset to 0, and the weight 0 starts the time.

Step 3

In the "stopwatch display time" mode, press the reset button to change the daily time of the stopwatch. Like the previous electronic watch, the part of the time number you change will start to flicker, press the "start / stop" button to increase the value of your time number, and then press the "C" button to the next number, then. When the room is correct, it is determined by the "mode" button.

Step 4

In the stopwatch timer "alarm" mode, the "Reset" button sets the alarm, press the "start / stop" button to increase the hour, and then press the "Reset" button of the stopwatch to move to the minute. You can increase the minute by pressing the stopwatch "start / stop" again. After setting the alarm clock of the stopwatch, press "Mode" to save, and press "Reset" and "start / stop" to completely turn off the stopwatch alarm.