The clock ring of the stopwatch alarm clock

发布时间 : 2021-07-16

Your RESEE stopwatch is equipped with a super large display, a battery, a rope stopwatch also provides a repair service, because it has any missing or damaged parts in other places that can not be bought in the regular. To get some parts, please don't send the stopwatch on your hand to the store you buy, because it must be mailed to the original manufacturer, that is, our RESEE stopwatch manufacturer for repair.

When you buy a new stopwatch, check the function is normal, and the plastic film of the RESEE stopwatch LCD screen will be more clear, the stopwatch LCD screen plastic film is only the effect of scraping. When you look at the stopwatch, find the button at the top of the stopwatch. Use mode button to switch between normal time, alarm time and stopwatch mode.

If you want to switch between regular time and month / day display, press the stop / start button on the right.


The button on the left side of the Mode button of the stopwatch can switch between normal time and alarm clock time. The normal time mode provides you with the days, hours, minutes and seconds of the upper left corner of the display screen. The stopwatch alarm clock mode provides you with the alarm clock and alarm clock on the right side of the display screen. Select the stopwatch mode and press the "A" to activate the stopwatch. Before starting to use, press "C" to reset the stopwatch to "0:00". If you want the stopwatch to return to normal time mode, press the "A" button again.

Press "A" three times to activate the stopwatch time / calendar mode. Press the "C" key to select seconds, minutes, hours, dates, months and dates. If you want to add values such as minutes or hours and so on, and change to 12 hours or 24 hours in setting hours, press the "B" key in time / calendar mode. Press the "A" button on the stopwatch again to return to the normal time mode.

Press the stopwatch "A" key two times to activate the alarm setting mode. Press "B" to push forward according to "C" to select minutes, then press "B" to change the minute value. Return to normal time mode by "A". At the same time, according to the stopwatch's "B" key and the "C" button, the alarm clock will be placed in the "on" or "off" position. The alarm clock will ring for a minute until the second day. Activate the snooze function by pressing the "B" button, so that the alarm clock will ring again in five minutes. The sleepy alarm clock will ring for a minute until the second day. Stop the alarm clock by "C".

Press "C" to display the alarm clock time, then press C to set the hour bell to "open" or "close" position. Press "A" until you see all the time of the stopwatch screen showing or disappearing. PS: replace the battery when you notice that the LCD is getting darker. Use LR44 alkaline battery as power supply for electronic stopwatch.