The use of the motion stopwatch

发布时间 : 2021-07-16

How can the stopwatch be used? Speaking of a fantastic stopwatch set, we are actually setting up stopwatch timer method to be exactly different according to the model, and these steps are generally not changed. You can master the basic functions of the stopwatch in a few minutes. With some learning, you can make full use of the potential of the stopwatch timer. Whether you're a sprint, a long race, or an exercise team, this hand held stopwatch can make a precise measurement of your movement.

1. if the regular double or three row stopwatch, then find the stopwatch open / close switch, it is open to use, because the double or three row 1/100 stopwatch can be self-propelled switch. In the case of these shutdown, long press the stopwatch specific boot button, the button is generally the middle of the top button is the boot button, when you are 5 seconds long activated, the screen will display the number, at this time the stopwatch can be used.

2. confirm that every display on the second surface shows zero. The state of the RESEE stopwatch is 0.

3. then press the "Start/stop" button of the stopwatch to start the timer.


4. press the "stop" button again and press these buttons when the stopwatch is stopped. In some cases, these buttons and "start" buttons are the same button with the tag "Start/stop".

5. press the "reset" button to reset the stopwatch to zero. All the data will be zero.

6. when the display on the second surface shows zero, repeat steps 3 and 4 can start recording other time tasks.

If you want the stopwatch to keep the time from the time it has been storing before, then you can press the "Start/stop" button again, not the "reset" button of the stopwatch.

Before the stopwatch counts, practice starting and stopping the device several times before using it. It's important to train the sensitivity of the button, because when you press the "stop" button, you don't have to watch the stopwatch. You can use stopwatch without stopwatch.

Powerful stopwatch can save the recording time for future reference. This allows you to compare notes with pen and paper, but these stopwatches are very helpful to you.

PS: if you need longer competitions / sports, please read the instructions for the type of stopwatch you use, and recommend that you operate more times with the instructions to determine the more convenient stopwatch you use on the way.