Sport stopwatch operation method

发布时间 : 2021-07-16

Many runners and coaches find that using exercise stopwatches to record exercise time is one of the best ways. Unlike watches, the sole purpose of stopwatch is to record time. Its structure allows a runner to start and stop easily without breaking the stride. Stopwatch is most beneficial during interval training or in multiple runs.

Sports stopwatch is easy to use, but for novice PE teachers feel is a very strange intelligent products, novice just get the stopwatch children's shoes will certainly think about this stopwatch operation method is what? Ha ha, this way! Naturally, there are, first, the operation of sports stopwatch is naturally looking for stopwatch instructions, second, is to contact the original manufacturer to provide you, third, if you can not use the general method of operating stopwatch, more practice!


Stopwatch for PE class

Sports Chronograph stopwatch operation steps:

Step 1

Get the sports time stopwatch, please hold the stopwatch with your left hand. You can use your right hand, but most stopwatches are designed for holding your left hand. Place your thumb on the start button and place your index finger on the circle button.

Step 2

Click the thumb button at the beginning of the operation. If this is not done, check the stopwatch instruction carefully.

Step 3

Click the button below the index finger to get the single lap time. This will freeze the time on the screen when the clock continues to run. On a digital stopwatch, you can usually record 10 to 100 circles at any time in the same continuous time. On a sports stopwatch, you may need to look at the first lap of the sports stopwatch and record it before recording another lap.

Step 4

Press the index button on the sports stopwatch to return to run time. Many digital stopwatches have third buttons. You can press this button to return to run time.

Step 5

Press the thumb button to stop the stopwatch timing and press the time to cycle back to the total running time.

Step 6

Press the button again to reset the data displayed on the stopwatch. On many sports stopwatches, you have to hold down three buttons for 10 seconds at the same time to reset. If you find that the stopwatch doesn't know how to press the reset button, you can take this step to solve the problem, or when the stopwatch suddenly appears to be a problem. To reset the time of the stopwatch, especially before physical education, it is necessary to check the flexibility of the digital stopwatch to see if the stopwatch can still be used, so as to make it easy to use in physical education class.