How use smart weight scales?

发布时间 : 2021-07-16

Weight scales can weigh. How do I use them?

The first choice is to prepare smart weight scales with electricity, a mobile phone with access to the Internet, and a person to place a sunny smooth ground.

Step one: look carefully at the accessories in the weighing scale packaging box and search the Internet for APP.

The smart weight scale has just been taken back from a retailer or from a courier. The first thing you want to do is to appreciate the look of the box, slowly open it, carefully check what's in it besides the weight scale, and explain what's in it, and carefully study and analyze the parts and shape. After a good and careful appreciation, we can search and download the weight scale's APP from Baidu and other search or Tencent's App Store.Some weight scales design the download APP into two-dimensional code printed on the instructions, we can download it with a mobile phone sweep, download it after installation can be completed, this APP is specifically linked to intelligent scales, other fat scales can also be linked, if you buy fat scales do not support this APP can be exchanged for other, The same procedure, if you read the instructions inside the weight scale box or do not understand the passing, Ding Dong Dong Dong, Wangwang, and is to call the merchant who sells the weight scale to ask you, the merchant will tell you.

The second step: mobile phone installation weight scale exclusive app

Smart scales can be connected to a mobile phone, which is even more desirable. There are many weight scales in the cash market that can't be connected to a mobile phone. The corresponding APP should be installed. So we need to install a corresponding app. For example, "light cow" APP, foreign popular "feelfit" APP, intelligent scales exclusive App, if you do not know what APP connection to find the weight scales sold on the first good reading of the weight scales with instructions, or merchants ask them customer service, they will tell you what APP you need.

The third step: scale the installation of batteries and use.

Take out the smart scale from the merchant's box and see if it's charged or battery-loaded. If it's charged by USB or other connectors, charge the battery first (merchants usually send a charging line). If it's battery-loaded, the merchant will also have three original batteries in the box. We installed the batteries ourselves and looked around the weight scale to see if there were any buttons to turn on, as well as the function and so on, because some weight scales have no buttons, purely automatic switches, and some have buttons that need to be pressed manually.

The fourth step: scale boot.

Some weight scales have special keys to turn on. Some weight scales set the boot button at the bottom of the weight scale to look good. It usually takes a close look to find out that the screen of the weight scale will light up (or flash) when we press this button. If we don't have the boot button, we'll put the weight scale flat on the flat and solid ground and try it on the weight scale with our feet lightly pressed. If we can't do that again, we'll try our best. If you suddenly notice that the screen of the weight scale suddenly shows zero, that means success. It takes just eight seconds to stand directly on the weight scale. The default settings of the weight scale will automatically light up and weigh, and the data will be displayed on the screen of the weight scale because the weight scale has not yet connected to the phone.

If you just want to measure weight and other physical fitness indicators, you need to set the parameters on the weight scale screen by the touch-screen buttons. These options only need to be switched on and off, but most people don't understand the settings, so we have to read the instructions, Agents. The weight scale will analyze your body's indicators based on your previous settings, but it will take a while for you to stand up and weigh. After you get your weight, it will take about 10 seconds to carry it quietly. The data will be displayed on the screen of the weight scale. Some are not so intuitive on mobile phones.

The fifth step: mobile phone binding weight scale.

Because we need a better view of the weight scale showing our body's elemental indicators, we can only watch it on the mobile phone, which is the preferred app before viewing these health data. For example, "light cow" APP, foreign popular "feelfit" APP, smart scale exclusive App registration, first need to do the second step of the content, take out the mobile phone to open just downloaded and installed the weight scale exclusive APP, in the mobile app to register an account of their own, fill in personal information,For example, age, sex, height, weight, and so on; then choose the weight scale icon, open the Bluetooth mobile phone with, through the Bluetooth Soap vegetable weight scale, in search of the weight scale will be placed closer to the mobile phone, the weight scale and mobile phone less than 5 meters away from the better, and stepped on the weight scale screen, because the weight scale screen is stepped on bright It can be searched by Bluetooth. When Bluetooth is searched for weight scales, click Select to bind, when the weight scales and mobile phones are well bound.

If you bind your phone well, you can call our weight and data indicators at any time. When we weigh, we don't need to carry a cell phone, because the cell phone also has weight. When we stand up, the data on the weight scale will automatically synchronize to the cell phone. When we hear the cell phone click, it means that the synchronization between the cell phone and the weight scale is complete. Then we should check the cell phone. Very convenient.

Matters needing attention in the use of intelligent weight scales:

1. Different weighing scales may have larger errors in measuring body mass. In fact, the results of weighing are mostly due to the changes of body moisture and fat during exercise, such as just taking a bath, eating and retailing, drinking, drinking, and exercising. The result.

2. It is suggested that you weigh yourself one hour after getting up in the morning, one hour before going to bed at night and one hour after three meals a day. You can also weigh yourself according to your daily habits. It is also suggested that you weigh yourself at the same time every day according to the rules. When weighing your own weight, place the weight scale on a stable and hard ground, try to avoid unstable places, such as blankets, foam, mud, etc. Also make sure that the four weighing feet are on the ground smoothly, so that the four weighing feet of the weight scale can work at the same time and bear the weight consistently. According to it.

3. When weighing, we should stand firm and not carry anything else, so as not to affect our weight. We should try our best to stand in the middle of the weighing, and evenly distribute the left and right feet in the center of the weight scale, so as to make our data more accurate. For example, standing on the left or right side, this will lead to some weighing errors, which should be noted.

4. If in order to measure body fat, BMI, bone weight and other information more accurately, please take off your shoes barefoot weight scales, to ensure that the weight scales can weigh a small amount of electricity from the soles of the feet into your body for analysis, is not recommended for pregnant women to weigh fat.

5. When weighing, make sure Bluetooth, WiFi scale apps are on, and make sure that the phone and weight scale are connected; this will avoid you standing on the weight scale, no response error.

6. When moving the weight scale, if the display screen of the weight scale is still lighted, try to let the foot of the weight scale leave the ground first. When the weight scale is placed smoothly, the weighing reading will automatically increase by about 2 kg. This is because the weight of the weight scale is automatically increased on the display screen. After standing out, the reading of the weight scale screen is normal. Therefore, when the weight scale is placed in a certain corner of the ground or fixed position, do not move around, if often move around, this will have some impact on accuracy, but also wear the ground.

7. The place where the weight scale is placed should not be too wet to avoid dampness eroding the original parts of the weight scale and causing the unknown cause of the short life of the weight scale.