Stopwatch alarm setting scheme

发布时间 : 2021-07-16

How to use running stopwatch

The running stopwatch we have in hand has a very useful function, that is, it can be used to time the running stopwatch, you can use it to time activities. There is no need to set up the stopwatch before using it. If you want to use it, please press the button at the top of the stopwatch. When there is a string of zeros on the running stopwatch screen, click the start button to start it.

The running stopwatch allows you to record a single lap, which basically stops the running stopwatch as a specific point and is recorded every time the stop stopwatch is pressed. Each time you want to record the lap time, press the one-lap button lightly, for example, when someone completes a lap on the track. Each single lap time is recorded next to the running time. The running stopwatch is running. The Start button is the pause button. You can use this button to temporarily stop your running stopwatch.

To reset the stopwatch to zero, click the round arrow icon. When the stopwatch pauses, the new running stopwatch can also be connected via Bluetooth, or can click the "Share" button to share time and lap time with others. 

Your stopwatch and the stopwatch you are running on time. You can set multiple alarm clock and timers, adjust the alarm's sleepy time, and use a stopwatch to record the single lap time.

We'll show you how to use these running stopwatches and point out some cool features of each one.

How to use stopwatch alarm clock

By default, to add a new alarm to the running stopwatch, set the alarm clock's time, click the hour on the left, and then click the hour on the clock on the right. Then click on the left side of the clock, and then click the number of minutes needed on the clock. You can select minutes in increments of five minutes. Click on "AM" or "PM" to select one, then click "confirm" to set the time.

If you want to create a regular alarm clock, press the Repeat button on the running stopwatch, by default, select all seven days of the week, and cancel the date you don't want. For our running stopwatch alarm clock, we want it to be broadcast only on weekdays, so we choose Sunday and the last Saturday. You can change the day of the week in settings.

Please note that there is no circle on the number of days selected. Select the ringtone as the default ringtone issued when the alarm rings. However, if you want to use other ringtones, click the default ringtone.

Your running stopwatch will display a pop-up dialog box, asking you to choose the way to do this. To access the list of available ringtones, click Media Storage, and then click Only Once to use this option only. If you want to use this option all the time, we recommend using this option, please click Always, and the list of ringtones will appear in the pop-up dialog box. Click the one you want to use, then press OK, in the Alert section of the Settings screen, and click pause length. The default sleepiness time is 10 minutes.

PS: When setting the alarm clock, must ensure that the device is not set to a silent mode. Raise the volume or adjust the setting to make the alarm clock ring.

If you're going to use a running stopwatch alarm on your bedside table as your alarm clock, you don't have to set the screen to night mode because it won't be too bright and it won't keep you awake.

You can set up other settings for the alarm, including the volume of the alarm, whether to gradually increase the volume of the alarm, and when you want to start the alarm. You can also specify the time when the alarm should be automatically mute (1,5,10,15,20 or 25 minutes, or never). Volume buttons can be set to activate pauses, close the alarm clock of the running stopwatch, or do nothing (default).