Evans Don's runner's stopwatch

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Evans Don boy followed the stopwatch. Coach Tang Michelin always graduated from the school in 1969 and attended Northwestern University. He soon began to teach at Evans Don to learn how to use the electronic stopwatch, and in 1981 he started as a sports coach for the track and field stopwatch, followed by his three sons, don, Julius and Brian Michelin. Old Mickey Mouse taught his son in high school, and Tang Mi Lian is now the coach of Evans boys controlling cross-country stopwatch.

Now, the third generation of Evans boys have been holding stopwatch on the track of cross-country race. Stopwatch confirms that advanced Michelin won the championship in the 800 meter race and ranked second in the 1600 place in May 19th. The next game coaches are preparing for the stopwatch and participating in three sprint races in men's state competitions.

With us, this is about church or God, family and sports, not necessarily according to the chronograph of the electronic stopwatch. We went to church every Sunday, and we were always there for the other side, the Michelin old coach, the stopwatch, his grandson, St. Michael; there was a different coach in the women's plan to use the stopwatch, but she said her grandfather's stopwatch still influenced her, and my Lord still had a great influence, North Carolina. Leina state said, "let's talk about the accuracy of sports stopwatch. We are talking about running. I learned a lot from his chronograph.

Mr. Michelin said he was sad for his son in the use of stopwatch, so he didn't give them a preferential treatment. When deciding who would look at the stopwatch and try to compete, he would let his stopwatch decide that whoever was the fastest player was in the game, and the Michelin old man said his wife was kept alive. Everyone uses the stopwatch balance of life and praises. She is the one who can make everyone work."Now," said the old Michelin, the family is celebrating the third generation of runners, as a whole watching the stopwatch saying he treats his grandson like his son. The stopwatch also recorded that he won the race at the fastest speed in the game, and he said that his grandfather was special for his 100200 and 4x100 stopwatch relay.

"I called him coach and asked me to call him Grandpa," said Miln. He always studied the stopwatch of the game and said it was natural to run for his grandfather. Julian Mi Zhilian was qualified for the national team's two relay race in which the coach manipulated the stopwatch and carried out the two games, but was unable to compete with the injury. He said I would be a waiver. He grew up on the track of strict stopwatch. He never thought that one day his grandfather would become his coach and always teach him small stopwatch.

Julien Michelin said his family gave up the stopwatch for running on special occasions. They will use stopwatch to play a few chessboard matches or word competitions instead of talking about the top stopwatch time. We talked about many matches, "said Michael. "There are many young cousins, so we talk to each other, the stopwatch race, the electronic stopwatch always records the memories of some families on the right track, and the rest of the stand is stopwatch and plays a supporting role. Julius Michelin looked at the stopwatch and recalls that it was a college student and was glad to see his brother Blaine Michelin running the stopwatch data at the state conference in 1994.


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