Stopwatch record of 40 yards of sprint in 4.43 seconds

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Owens, 44, a professional football celebrity, held stopwatch with stopwatch. He was excited when he spent a training camp with the Seattle Sea Hawk, and showed it out of the stopwatch, saying it was faster because she was eliminated for six years on the NFL roster. Although he was away from football and closed when he was more than 40 years old, he said he still used stopwatch records in the sprint of 40 yards.

On Monday, Owens told the coach to use stopwatch to record his 40 - yard dash video and to make an impressive time for the man of his age. Owens enters at a speed of 4.43 at stopwatch, and the second stopwatch is input at 4.44 speed. Owens's 40 yard dash video was recorded by the Atlanta Falcon's Julio Jones stopwatch.

Although Owens has been taking stopwatch for a long time since he entered NFL as a young man in the San Francisco 49 in 1996, the hall of fame has proved that he can still run fast. After a long time out of the wind, at the same time, it was not a coincidence that another stopwatch recorded the existence of Julio Jones's 40 yard dash. The Falcon company Star catcher has worked with Owens during the rest period because they tried to negotiate a new contract for Jones, which has caused the falcons to pay attention to the speed of the stopwatch.

His stopwatch record with Owens was uneasy for the frontline players, and Orlando Atlanta daily, a constitutional journalist, recently told a radio show at 730 a.m. on Sherlock. In fact, he was turned away, uneasy about the whole brotherhood, and a little uneasy, so once he came back, they would have to mend some of the fences, no doubt, a fast runner, which has been recorded repeatedly by the stopwatch.


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