Run with stopwatch

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

The stopwatch recollection of ninth annual running on the Vashon island was recollection of 1970s more than the last weekend. Their gorgeous costumes, with disco balls, and the right atmosphere of sports stopwatch, made the runners' enthusiasm run at a high temperature of a running 50K Marathon (31 miles) a day.

In 80s, Bob Norton, the winner of the red lantern prize, started career in 40 years ago. At the finish line, when the stopwatch runs on the track of the dancing queen, he runs at the end banner and under the red lantern. This is Norton's second year return to the award, though he ran 7 minutes this year, which was named after the red lantern hanging on the last train. At the other end of the train,Seattle Richard Lockwood used stopwatch to record everyone's running results in how to win the 50K competition. Rock Wood left work at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, and then returned to his home on his own tent after winning 50 thousand dollars at 3:49 25 seconds.


Stopwatch test the best female runner is Christine Mosley, who was raised by Vashon at 4:27:03. This is her personal best competition. The highest female in 5:06:29, Vashon is Meghan Ahearn, and at 4:37, the top Vashon male is John Payne. The youngest terminator in 50K is Christopher Walker, a 19 year old Islander, who created the best personal stopwatch in 4:52:02. Runner up Markus Graf came from Vienna, Austria, from the northern ferry to his campsite and finished sixth in 4:44:34.

On the popular 10 mile track, 119 athletes completed the forest footprints from the open space and used race stopwatch to circulate test results, and through the faucet juice, Mukai and the Fisher pond and the central forest of the island. The game was won by 1:10:39 Dave Scheibel and Eliza Ramsey in Seattle. They created new stopwatch record for women in 1:19:47. Local Land Trust's employees Zoe Marzluff and Keller Cyra are the first islanders of 1:28:43 and 1:16:16 respectively. For Keller Cyra, ultra is a family business, because he takes part in the competition producer Lisa and Eva Cyra, Bruce Cyra and Bellingham's brother Aidan, and the stopwatch data records the latter's best performance of fourth Keller.


RESEE technology, stopwatch manufacturer - Report