New army stopwatch timer fitness test

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Foreign military forces often use new stopwatch timer for fitness tests, but don't panic, large stopwatch timer records it for several years of physical test time. On Monday, army officials announced a new gender and age neutral PT test, which will replace soldiers known and abomination over the past forty years. Hate running, sit ups and push ups agreement, and the stopwatch timer is ready to record. It is expected that the new test will be implemented soon.

The reason is that the head of the preliminary military training center told the army times in a telephone interview on Friday, a one year field study, that we need to fully buy enough time watch timers to determine how to assess the fitness tests in the new six military operations, which will be 10 this year. At the beginning of the month, major general Malcolm Frost said that the new stopwatch timer was taken to about 60 battalions of each unit type in the army. "This fitness test is a cultural change for a generation of military adaptable people," Frost said. "The stopwatch timer will be the cornerstone of the combat readiness for individual soldiers, which is very helpful for the army.

Use stopwatch timer test plan:

120 to 420 pounds of hard pull depends on individual soldiers, Stopwatch timer is required to record three repetitions in five minutes.

Stop the two minute rest and watch the stopwatch timer.

The standing force is thrown. You need to throw a 10 pound Pill on the top and back. You will have three minutes to do one exercise and two exercises. The stopwatch timer records the longest time distance.

A two minute break. This is stopwatch timer.

Manual release of push ups. You reduce your chest to the floor and lift your hands from the floor to each representative. You need to watch the stopwatch timer and finish the most in three minutes.

Stop the two minute rest. There is stopwatch timer rest time.

Sprint is a drag. This is very necessary to master the stopwatch timer in less than four minutes, you will walk 25 meters away, 25 meters back five times. Each iteration involves a different activity: sprint, drag sleds, move horizontally, carry two 40 pound kettle bells, and then sprint.

Here the stopwatch timer counts two minutes' rest time.

Leg folds, you are required to be suspended from a pull rod and parallel to your body, and then watch the stopwatch timer pull the knee to the elbow within two minutes to represent as many as possible.

Stop the five minute stopwatch timer and rest.

For a two mile journey on a track or paved flat road, the stopwatch timer used to record up to 20 minutes.


In a word, experts predict whether a soldier is able to have a 80% accuracy rate in a test. They also say this is stopwatch timer, and the work and rest ratio of the new test is three times that of APFT, and APFT is usually divided into sit ups and push ups and take a long rest before running. Now, there will be a continuously running stopwatch timer, which is limited to 50 minutes.

According to past data from stopwatch timer, the army has been committed to the new PT test record for six years, starting with the baseline soldiers preparing for the research. This work began in 2013, when the service canceled the expected test after completing the pilot project, but the idea did not disappear. The service released the occupational fitness assessment test in early 2017, which is a relatively basic four test that must now be used by recruits to determine whether they can join the army and what kind of work they can do after they enter.

By 2017, it entered the next step, when the task of the training and order command and the army command was that everyone proposed a test based on the professional nature of the combat soldier, in which the time of the test was limited and the time of the test was strictly controlled with stopwatch timer. They have a free design test program, and they can test multiple fitness programs APFT, the objections of the fitness experts, only the endurance of the heart and muscles, all the foundations they create, from endurance to muscle strength, explosive force, speed, agility,Flexibility and balance are designed to simulate activities in a fire, load heavy weapons, drag casualties into security, and so on, and the time of the test is strictly controlled by stopwatch timer.

TRADOC developed an army combat readiness test, which looks very like the current ACFT, and FORSCOM is driving soldiers to test, and SRT tests in different ways, as commanders use stopwatch timer and their own conscious training, rather than personal and potential career effects. In the end, the senior leaders decided to keep the current stopwatch timer data for new tests, if only to encourage the soldiers to get the test ready for their daily exercise and prevent any harm.

Although there were no people in the corner to run in battle, the leadership was happy to keep running. In a word, the stopwatch timer records of health tests must test soldiers' skills and baseline health, which is the source of running, Frost said, although it was like speeding in the road. Things may get the soldiers out of breath, but they are enough to test their lungs and heart, but it takes more than 50 minutes a day to run and use stopwatch timer to record the time for the run.


Shenzhen RESEE technology, stopwatch manufacturer reports