Repeat training stopwatch countdown

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

We like to set up stopwatch countdown training, because you can do a lot of effective exercise in the time you master the stopwatch, In principle, you can use stopwatch counter in 20 minutes to calculate one of the most effective actions. No matter which way you use, you need a good stopwatch timer, or repeat the stopwatch countdown to provide you with many training.

The repeating stopwatch countdown can be used simply as the reverse stopwatch countdown timer, but it can also handle intervals. You just set the stopwatch timer to the time value you want, then set the stopwatch countdown time number to the single length, and then choose the number of times you want the stopwatch timer to repeat, such as when you want to run for 8 seconds fast and the stopwatch repeats for 12 seconds, then the stopwatch countdown can set the weight. Repeat 60 times until you finish 20 minutes of exercise, you can.You have to set the main timer to 8, the interval timer set to 12, the repeat number of stopwatch countdown to 60, which may sound a bit confusing, but once you use the application, you will find it is not the way you think.

The disadvantage is repeating stopwatch countdown online free program version can only be allowed to set up five repeated stopwatch countdown value. You must use the stopwatch and timer to set the countdown value.

The 20 minute training lifestyle is a shortcut to exercise and fitness. If the 20 minute stopwatch countdown is enough to seriously improve the health of many people, for example, I'm regularly training, but I'm not sure what time interval training is about or how to start. What do I need to know?


Training is a good way. Others recommend a 30 minute exercise, five days a week, which is suitable for busy schedules. In essence, it can compress your exercise into short, intensive bursts, so that you can complete the exercise in the 20 minute stopwatch countdown. Until recently, intermittent training usually used regular training with people who had already been trained. You can use interval training instead of regular training. The study also shows that even if you are in poor health, you can start immediately, look at the interval training first, and then look at some exercises without the gym.

In short, intermittent training means pushing yourself for as long as possible, then pulling back and resting for a while, and then repeating it. For example, if you are jogging, you can add a minute to your stopwatch timer, then turn around and jogging for one minute, and use the same value stopwatch timer to shorten the time period. Here, you push the absolute maximum to 20 minutes, and then rest for 10 seconds.If you have a mountain nearby, run at full speed and go down and repeat it many times, this is great. You can integrate it into almost any exercise. High intensity interval training is very efficient. Like any advanced exercise, you want to make a short warm-up before you start training, but it still saves you a whole day, and there are some different exercise ideas that do not need to go to the gym using stopwatch timer.

The alternation between running and jogging is the simplest and most cost-effective way to start interval training. It's also very simple. No matter what shape you work, it works very well. The advantage of doing this is that you do not need to jogging within a full 30 minute stopwatch countdown, and only take 10 minutes of training every day, from jogging for a minute, when the time comes, slow down for a minute. Repeat for 20 minutes. If you jog outside, please remember to wear stopwatch and timer.