Track and field stopwatch test

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Today, at university and professional level, the 12 minutes of running with stopwatch is no longer in practice and has endurance running. The coach's job of sprinting is to adjust the stopwatch, and it is believed that a shorter distance can be better applied to the game. Football players have to use stopwatch more than 8000 meters per day to maintain their vitality. The players from the college team to the FIFA referee to the top European League need to train themselves regularly.This spring, a friend was talking with the famous Italy football club coach on a healthy discussion. They found that training to reach health was a very demanding exercise stopwatch. He suddenly asked the trainer about the team to judge health, and then they all shared the second. The importance of the table.

I still think there is a long distance race to be able to reach the extreme sports field, maybe that's because I like it, when I continue to use the coach of the track and field stopwatch in North Carolina from 2000 to 2003. But I think its spirit is a challenge. As an athlete, I like to use the stopwatch for long-distance running challenge.

In North Carolina, Doherty wants to hold a track and field stopwatch 8 laps every day on the 4.5 mile stadium, and in the summer, he and Jordan and other companions often run 8.5 miles with a Carolina alumnus. They first tested 12 minutes with stopwatch to see if they could stay, they showed 12. The minute warm-up match requires the strict timing test of the track stopwatch This test not only produces the maximum VO2 value of athletes, it produces a sense of fear and a sense of achievement. For such difficult things as stopwatch testing, no one wants to be deformed, so you run more. When you feel good about tame stopwatch tests, you also want to run more, sometimes even more than your sports primes.

Many people compete against each other's stopwatch in a treadmill test, and how they hate 12 minutes of competition. After years, they continue to learn to prove the importance of pre competition pretest. A person's health level is most easily collected through the results of 12 minutes running, which can predict a longer and healthier life. His Institute's pilot study showed that the middle aged men and women who had the highest score of the stopwatch test were about 6 laps of men and 5 laps of the 5 regular playground for women, often reducing the cost of medical care and reducing the risk of heart disease and other slow diseases after the illness.

I recently tried Mini tests with my friend Hunter. When I was in high school more than 10 years ago, I could run 8.75 times in one run. When I struggled on the track of Temple University in Philadelphia, I didn't expect to reach 8 points, and I felt why this training won almost universal popularity because of its difficulty. This means that the stopwatch is his own enemy. No matter how fast you run, it won't end early, and it's hard to make an unlimited break through the track record of the track and field stopwatch. The 12 minute pretest of the stopwatch test always means trying 12 minutes.

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