Set stopwatch extend the race the world cup

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

It's one of the weird things about football to add stopwatch at the end of each race at the end of the world cup. It is rarely explained, but it seems to be part of every race that is not missing, and there will be no explanation in the few minutes after every half of the two stopwatch regulation of 45 minutes, just announced when you think the stopwatch is out of use. They can become an important factor in any competition, and it is worth taking a few minutes to understand.

What is the stop time of the stopwatch set?

In essence, stopwatch setting time is a way of this movement, which can help solve the time when half race can not be played. Injuries, goals celebrations, fouls, quarrels, we often use race stopwatch timing and so on to control may lead to the interruption of the race. As the time goes on, the real time does not stop. The football player needs a rest for a long time, and the time watch will stop and wait for the recovery time.

How long do you usually stop the stopwatch?

It depends on what is happening in the race and the decision of the referee; normally, we see the stopwatch stop for one or two minutes at the end of the first half, and the stopwatch stop at the end of the second half is often two or three times or more in the first half. In the second half, there were more fouls and more goals than the first half, so the normal stopwatch time was lost.


Of course, the referee has the right to decide how much stopwatch time is used, because it is sometimes difficult to stop the race at the end of the race, or sometimes it just delays stopwatch time and the referee can finish the referee as soon as possible. Adding time wastage or further interruption after publication time may also lead to further increase of stopwatch time and extension of the competition. Setting the stopwatch to stop time is seen as a guideline rather than a hard number.

How to determine the stopwatch pause time?

There are no hard and fast rules on how to determine the number of parking hours, but there are different guidelines for tracking things. Normally, the vice referee will stay in the vicinity of the two teams of benches, give the referee the opinion, transfer the decision to the manager, and supervise the situation, and usually keep stopwatch to keep the mark of the passing of the stopwatch in each race. With half court approaching, he will tell the chief referee how much time he can display the stopwatch and determine how much time it will take as a downtime.

Some referees tend to use a more deterministic method to calculate the downtime, providing a certain time for each type of stopwatch: 45 to 1 minute target celebrations, 5-10 seconds of fouls, 15-30 seconds of substitutes, and a minute of treatment. This method is not always as accurate as stopwatch based method, but referees can easily track themselves in the process of competition.

Finally, the final stopwatch setting time is determined by the referee. No matter how to track the pause, the time of the announcement is decided by the referee. He can declare that he thinks the right time is more or less than "need". It's not surprising to see that the second half of the stopwatch five minutes or more stopwatch time is not surprising, just because the referee's absolute pity and a minute of stopwatch time to supplement the race is good.


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