Stopwatch for senior runners

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Why do we often wonder why we want to compete? Why should we use stopwatch to record the results of the game strictly? Why does it seem to be "torture" from the initial training programme? Generally speaking, sports benefits to health at the top of the intermediate stage. In intermediate training, you have to run 5 days a week, run 30~60 minutes a day and use stopwatch strictly; in this context, even running through training,You can't make great progress in health. Running is just one of the means of fitness. However, even if the audience of the junior runner training program is one of the "elite runner" people, they will pursue perfection, quest for limits and self discipline every now and then. Some people think that training is a game, a miniature of joy, sadness and joy in life.

That is to say, those runners who want to compete in competition. However, the early runner or leisure runner can also and will definitely participate in the competition. I also strongly recommend a variety of runners to participate in the competition, because it has both the social significance of running the running and the group meaning of setting a goal to fight itself. This chapter is suitable for all runners who are not satisfied with the status quo and want to further challenge themselves: for them, fighting for limits is the meaning of running. Their pleasure is to exploit the potential of running from time to time.

Before you meet yourself, you need a solid training base and a senior sports stopwatch, so that your body can prepare for a stronger training program. This means that you should have at least one year's running experience as a foundation or in the "platform stage" of progress. In other words, before reaching this level,You should carefully set the time interval between stopwatch timing and training according to the intermediate running training plan. "After aerobic training to improve the results of competitions, it is often necessary to persist in the constant years for the use of stopwatches and strict training. However, when you are facing the bottleneck of progress, you should consider adjusting the training plan. Please remember that only after a long time of accumulation can we see improvement.

It is heroic to do the best in the best possible range. But the consequences are not necessarily perfect. Most runners will eventually find that it is the process, not the consequence, that matters. More important start can have a better stopwatch set, not how many seconds of the results, but the effort, discipline and experience in front of the results, to be a good runner's element or any pursuit can be better.In this regard, discipline, concentration and perseverance are included. One of the benefits of pursuing a more rigorous training is that it will temper these qualities and be of great benefit to daily life.

In the training, for the girl who is just in contact with jogging, it seems that there is no special pressure for 15 minutes. The running habits are 15 minutes, and then you can step up and add running time. But when the girl starts running, she can not use the target of setting the time or distance of the stopwatch. Interest, which is proved to be very unscientific, must be trained according to strict plan to achieve good results.

At first you can't run for 15 minutes, you can use jogging and fast walking. When the run is tired, it is a quick walk. Don't be in hurry. According to the step by step running method, when you can finish 5 kilometers, you can challenge the whole course. The whole course should be strictly run 5 kilometers with stopwatch. The greater the amount of running and the higher the intensity, the more pressure the body will be.