Stopwatch record plate support

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Plate support, this I practiced for 3 days, I feel tired! It's more tired than running! Special recommendation for you, because the plate support will exercise to all parts of the body, and it does not take a very long time a day, can be recorded with stopwatch, 15 minutes is enough. It's better to stick to it than to run 1000 meters a day. Especially the kind of office worker who has no time to go to the gym.

By the way, all sports can cause damage to a certain extent, such as running injuries to the knees and ankles, crouching the knees, and a flat plate support that may hurt the lumbar spine. But damage is based on incorrect postures, no early warm-up, or no rigorous use of the stopwatch to do earlier calculation training, which can cause excessive exercise and so on.

For example, Olympic athletes, too much exercise, can lead to bodily injury. But we ordinary people do not pursue the extreme, we should also pay attention to posture, warm-up, stretching and so on. A moderate amount of exercise does not hurt the body. However, because of the problem of posture, some exercises cause more pressure on a part, such as plate support. Because the flat support waist is empty, without support, for a long time, there will be a lumbago. So small partners with lumbar problems should try not to choose flat support.


Another thing is that incorrect posture can lead to injury when practicing. Flat support requires tightening of the abdomen and buttocks and can not collapse. Shoulder and back should also exert strength, because this is to support the upper part of the body, can not be baggy. To start contacting the flat brace, we should use stopwatch to record the time of this sport. One group holds 20~30 seconds, one day makes 3~5 groups. Even if you have an innate power, you will be able to hold up for 1 minutes for the first time and do not test the credit stopwatch, so the amount of training varies from person to person to see your ability to bear.

You can also go to the gym to find a professional coach guide to determine your training volume. Take a look at yourself before you find the coach, such as whether the coach is serious, whether the training project is reasonable, whether the coach is strict or not. A lot of people should have contacted many coaches. Maybe you have noticed that many coaches will tailor their own stopwatches. But the fitness trainer's threshold is very low. Their stopwatch doesn't need a custom version. Then you can go to a coach class, be a coach for others, and choose a good stopwatch. Some coaches have very little expertise in muscle, sports injuries and sports repair because they are all those who are worried about running.

For example, crouching knees can't exceed the foot of the foot, many professional sports rehabilitation experts have said to depend on the situation, for some people, some training movements, the knees can be more than the feet, but the coach is still the same as the instructor. As you know, there are new studies about the human body and sports rehabilitation every day, and coaches don't have to learn and improve their watch on their own hands.


Shenzhen Rui science and technology, Stopwatch manufacturer reports