Ethan Bernstein's stopwatch competition

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Ethan Bernstein ran his life on Wednesday night, but don't take our big number stopwatch, taking him as stopwatch, "this is the best game I've ever run in my life," said soken Valley, after he won the 3200 - meter class in the 11 District 2A track and Field Championships in White Holzer Sports center.

Bernstein was charged with the power of Zeus, Apollo, and mercury at a distance of more than 50 meters, defeating Colin Kramer and Joey Ozzy, Easton's Joey Ozzy, winning stopwatch within 9 minutes and 34 stopwatch seconds of the game. For leopard teams, this is the best choice for individuals, and this is the first time in spring this year in the lehighvalleylive area.

It held next week's PIAA championship in Fort Spence in from May 25th to 26th, each of the top two players, 2A and 3A men, and the old Saucon Valley coach Ed Kolosky foresaw the last fierce rally. "I told Ethan on stopwatch yesterday that he had to run for 62 seconds." Winning the game, "Cross Ki said, holding his stopwatch. It reads as "62".

Burns tanks took on his bad legs and bad memories to achieve his amazing victory. "My legs feel pain and feel lactic acid," he said. "Last week's Colonialist champion Colin (Kramer) broke me. I remember this week. That kicking is not my plan. I just want to stay in the top team.


But the game began to take shape last week - Cramer struggled with the leader and Bernstein - until the leopard found some unlikely assistance. It saved me from a child from parkland, "Bernstein said. "We passed the ball to each other, but we all realized that we had to stop passing the ball and help each other to resume the game. This helps me to get in touch with the leaders. "At an amazing distance. "When I was 300 meters away, I realized it was probably the last 3200 times I had run in my life, the shortest time for the stopwatch, so I chased it," Bernstein said.He first qualified for the Shippensburg. "If you have seen my face, you will know that it is not beautiful. Sometimes when I run very fast, I close my eyes. The referee will use stopwatch to record. I did it today. When I opened them Colin, who finished second, won another country and Joey was there, and I broke the stopwatch record. "Then they didn't burn like Bernstein's incandescent lamp to win a lifetime match.

The first critical channel for Pen Argyl Junior is the 2A grade 300 m intermediate obstacle finish line. Rob crossed the barrier until everyone had won second zone titles in the 300 meter hurdle. The second standard Lobb crossed the timeline. The referee's stopwatch records he won 40.66 points, the third best time in the Wiley region this spring, which was the first time he had run under 41 seconds and the stopwatch record was the fastest.

"I really want to get into the 40s," said lob. "Once I start the game, I'll concentrate, not notice anything around, until finally I see the stopwatch time at 39 seconds 10, and I say to myself," well, if I launch this, I'll be in 40s. "It is difficult for non track type to regard such a time line as a great achievement. After all, Loeb ran a 41.39 second stopwatch in the final of White Holzer's colonial alliance last week, while the second gap was only 0.73.

But for rob, this slight difference is not too big. "It's hard to explain," he said. "Imagine being a football player, a runner, with an average of 50 yards per game. Then you play the game to 75 or 80 yards. It's very difficult thing - it's really hard to put down time, and I hope I can run to a 39 second stopwatch, "he said. "It may have to wait for senior grades or maybe next week."

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