The annual races stopwatch attracts its largest area

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

If you have ever dreamed of stopwatch climbing a mountain climbing game, the long shadow has the present and future sunshine, the 70s thermometer stays above 50%, the humidity is only over 50%, and the stopwatch time is gone, then your dream race will be fourth in Ephrata.The sports stopwatch will be popular at the annual running skateboard.The race was held on Saturday morning, at the south side of the Dick Winters memorial at Warwick, to the hilltop railway line, and this year's 5K-10K combined movement attracted 170 contestants, while the first year was 36 contestants. In the past three years, the operation has been the fundraiser of the Ephrata public library. This year, Jeremy and Denise Guldin, the co founders of the running competition, want it all.

Guldins is a husband and wife team, with a large number of stopwatches at Ephrata's 21 Springhouse Road, and they are organizing the first race to promote their business and support the library. This year, the admission fee is combined with large number of sponsors' contributions, and they want to raise about $5000, which will allow them to continue to support the library and make some contributions to the track fund.

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170 of the site will take off at 9 in the morning. Most stopper runners / walkers / parents push the pram / puppy walker to participate in the 5K (2.6 mile) part of the race. When they arrived at Akron's colonial Park, they turned back to the finish line. Some starters chose the 10 kilometre --5.2 miles of chili corn pie filling - from the statue of Winters to the turning point beyond milway through Akron. The first runner up was Emma Rissinger, and he conquered the distance of 5K within 15 minutes. Darren Bowman is the terminator of the second 5K, recording the stopwatch from the referee, which is just behind Rissinger.

Jonathan Ray LOhr will not forget to pick up the stopwatch to reach six miles every day. Jonathan Ray LOhr is the first runner up to return to the statue of 10K. He did not think of a 40 minute stopwatch time, and gore planned to play fifth Games next year, possibly on the second Saturday of June. They hope to have an electronic time stopwatch next year to make the game more successful.


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