The runners were excluded from the runway

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

An overseas picture showed that only two girls were able to participate in the state competition when three girls almost simultaneously hit the video with stopwatch, and the dramatic conclusion of the 3200 meter event at Steel Wouter high school on Friday morning. The official result is St Paul Highland Park grade eight student Molly Morning won in 11:34.84, followed by St Paul Como park's senior Florence Uwajeneza, 11:35.24, Blanding in grade eight in 11:35.44, fourth Girls left a hair behind them, 11: 35.94 Steele Voight one Analee Wea Ver.

"The problem is, they didn't set up an official camera to determine a close match," the coach said with stopwatch. "Officials do not know who to give first, second and third cards." Such a close match is quite common in sprint, but it will hardly happen in a long time. Usually, modern automatic timing large stopwatch timing system can make everyone satisfied.

Unfortunately, FAT is not available in this game. Due to the raining on Tuesday, the whole game was held on Thursday. Except for the 3200 games of men and women, all the participants had to return on Friday and the automatic time was not available. "They used stopwatches and two judges to complete the competition, Percival explained on Monday. "Unfortunately, Maggie won the third place in the competition. I protested. My protest was rejected. I protest again with the Minnesota state high school league.


But she did not hear from MSHSL, so she decided to stand up. "Our protest is based on no photos to confirm that they completed because they did not use FAT," Percival said. "They do not have enough finish line judges to decide where they are. "They changed the order of the three completion. They use their mobile video for the final call. We don't know the integrity of the video. "

After the game, the stopwatch showed that the bear team's best runner, she won the championship in the cross-country and won the state champion, the nineteenth place - this time, she would not travel in the country. She is also in the sixth place to help the bears win the championship for third consecutive years. The bear team has a contestant of 6 countries. I had no idea what had happened, but people told me that I got the second place, "Blanding said. "They don't have the right time; they use stopwatches instead of laser timing. So when I got the third place, I was very disappointed. Although no one knows exactly what has happened.