The running stopwatch flourished to the end

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

It's an unbearable way to end her career in high school for Natalie Windels, who likes the stopwatch race. But Windels does not. Yes, this leg is tender enough. She needs to record the National Party of Hamline university last weekend. The wet weather in Saturday's final is not ideal. She pushed, not only to compete, but also to be excellent.She always said with stopwatch that her finals in the 100 and 300 meter hurdles were the best in her life. She won the title in her personal record.

She recorded the best stopwatch in her career for 42.21 seconds and then repeated it with 300 obstacles to become a status champion. The referee's stopwatch recorded this sport. She won 100 points, 14.35 points, and her fastest speed. She also ran the fastest anchor leg in the 4x400 relay race and moved the Wildcats from fifth to second.


Rob Graham, the head coach of the women's track and field team, has long had the most important and very important comment in his career six years ago, when Wendell, a grade seven student, always used this stopwatch to show the training of the 800 meter runners in the exercise, and coach Graham said, let us Test you with sports stopwatch in the barrier. Now I am here, she said after winning the 300 meter race.

Wendell J has won at least one national championship in six years, including 300 AA Championships in the past two years and 100 year old state champions this year. As a grade two and grade three student, she was still in a long jump state, and Wendell said her technology was completed in the 300 hurdles on Friday, but she still created a personal record of a stopwatch. If she can record again, she will be confident of winning the championship of another state.


Windels ranked seventh in the best of the 100 hurdles. This year, she always carried out more exercises with stopwatch in the competition, after a long day's competition. And nine grade Morgan, senior Michel Passe and junior high school Hanna Lamkin ran the first three legs of the second 4x400 relay of Eagan, completed in 3 minutes, and ran out of the stopwatch score of 55.48 seconds. In Friday's preliminaries, the Wildcats almost failed to reach the finals after the next baton.


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