Scientific fitness, then take stopwatch to train!

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

I wonder if we have ever seen stopwatch in the gym or a mobile phone in each group to manipulate the rest time to practice. Do you find it strange? Not this is actually a better way!

In a sense, it's more important to have a good grasp of the rest of the group than a few sets of comments. It's strange that the bottom point is rarely seen in gym to see someone using stopwatch to exercise, and to practice it by feeling it is not appropriate for most of the people who haven't reached a high level. Although the rest of the group depends on the practice and the action, and can be adjusted according to the individual situation, I think it is a hooligan without the rest of the organization or the exercise plan for the rest of the group.


Brief introduction to the general organization: a large joint movement of 1 and a half to 2 minutes or more; medium component multi joint movements and large single joint movements from 1 to 1 and a half; middle and low weight principles are more inclined to muscle endurance from 30 to 1 points, and see that they exercise this, if fruit does not carry sports stopwatch to exercise. It's hard to record time.

If your policy is that each group must complete a certain number of times or completely strength, then the rest of the group can always be added to the degree you feel you need, usually set stopwatch for 3-5 minutes. My personal words, regardless of the policy of the stage, the first multi - joint action, and the rest of the group are usually around three minutes, and if your practice is more muscular or congested, the multi - joint movement can also lower the rest time appropriately to let the practice enter the state earlier.

So it's not sure, but one thing is that no matter how long you take between groups, you can use the same or similar group of rest organizations every week in a continuous period of time. After having passed the novice period, it is impossible to make any significant progress in each exercise. Maybe only the same weight is done more than once.


If you're not going to control the rest of the group by feeling, you don't know that even if you go ahead, you don't know that it's because of the rest of the rest of the rest of the day that is really getting ahead, and you can't do the right exercise to make a weight adjustment, and that's the key to keep you going. It's not the same concept that the 1 minute rest of the rest of the rest of the 1 minutes and the 3 - minute rest and the 3 - minute rest end is not the same concept. If so, if the stopwatch is not in control for the rest of the group, does it really affect the quality of your practice and the final results?

So my idea for us is to count the rest between groups after the end of each group. You can make fine adjustments based on your own practice and not need to be accurate to the second, but it is still a better practice to have a general grasp of the situation, and the rest of the group with cell phone or stopwatch buckle in other exercises can also let you see it. To be more professional, why not?