The rainwater inundated competition also insisted on holding a stopwatch

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

If it is summer, and you hold stopwatch regularly during the night competition, you can expect to cool down with cold beer, which is usually the master champion, and this year's competition is an open men and women's open. The venue is located on the free road and completed on the track. At the beginning of the award ceremony, all of the post game activities were carried out on the ground, providing a pleasant environment for socializing, and Randolph's Colin Frost didn't rain him, which led him to win the Presidential Cup 5K at milben on Monday night. Did I say "little rain"? OK. This is a torrential rain in the biblical proportion.

When the game began at 8 p. m., the clear sky had become dim, and a little bit of trouble came from the distant thunder clasping the stopwatch in our direction. At first, the bag moved forward rapidly on the dry road, but there was no promise that it would keep it this way. The lead of about five fast young people was quickly broken, but smaller packages were smaller when Frost and his challenger hit the first mile.

Then the storm reached milben. It starts with fine fog, then takes a shower, then sparkles, and then quickly releases thunder. The game broke out in the storm of rapid development. For runners, rain is a welcome wet scene, but the storm is too close.


Some runners report that they wouldn't be surprised if they switched to a high school open door and asked runners to use stopwatches. But it didn't happen. The audience escaped under the doorway and under the awning, but the runner ran in the water with his ankle high. Frost is running with another man now. Robert Theo and Milltown's Kyle Price left him 1/3, Frost said.He threw some waves at the last mile, but he could not shake Stone whom he did not know. The last shock and Frost opened and went to the end of Essex Avenue. The stopwatch finished the match at 15:23 and finished the match at 15:27 at Stone. It ends at 15:47 on the stopwatch at 15:47. Unless the asterisk indicates "completed in flooded streets", there is no record.

Two foreign women ranked first and second respectively. Lara Cummings, on the Gulf of New York, was the first to appear at 18:33. Jennifer Sobel, in Jupiter, Florida, was the first to rank second at 18:47. The oldest female owner was not surprised. The 55 year old Mark Za May in Alan, Pennsylvania, was the oldest man, and his average body mass index was 85.20%. When the hand is finished,They quickly sought shelter from the doors and tents of the Charlie Brown restaurant parking lot. The Sam Adams beer truck is distributing beer. The joke is that all the runners take stopwatch with a light beer and think about the rain, and everyone laughs.

Then, just like in a miracle, the storm comes at the same speed. Soon, the moist runners jumped out of the pop-up window and enjoyed their beer and crescent rays.


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