Stopwatch with Olympic dream

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

I pick up a newspaper that two years ago, the following reports that the United States often use stopwatch to stop running training's carrying a winter Olympics got five gold MEDALS. I look silly, when I was 12 years old, snapping fingers calculated, by the age of 20, I can participate in the winter of that year, the outlook is gorgeous!" Holding such pursue her mind, the next year, he was involved in the national youth speed skating race, with three gold MEDALS. But, unfortunately, he soon in training because of too focus stopwatch time training records from fractures, in a few years after he turned as coach. When my brother and my eight-year-old little wang meng just is he. Wang meng's father is a underground workers, mischievous, often in the form of "domestic violence" support daughter learn to ski. Ma Qingzhong sincerity, finally the pharaoh moved. A humble young from home so he want to come out, a world champion.

15 years old she participate in the county games, ran out of the multiple sports first, the second day Meng Qingyu just spending under her. 1986 national speed skating race on the eve of the coach and 19 meng creeps are determined to wait for the full gold medal. Unfortunately a training, the slide in the back of the ship suddenly fall, sharp blade deeply into her lap, the youth of broken dreams! Xiao-bing zhao put I solemnly title dreams in the children's shoulder, and focused on the task and insane self-proclaimed "than to tanned, frozen for 2 days. Better than"


Hours are out of the flowers of the wild boy, is the second generation of the coach door Dong Yanhai spending. Once, he ran circles around the water bulb rink, circle of 250 meters, slippery, dong coach pulled out stopwatch on the floor. Jiang Hai a circle a circle of sliding, the original finally a bottom sat down on the ice. Dong Yanhai watched stopwatch time, dear, run speed still can! Jiang Hai participate in the national games on the ice, won 3 gold, 1 silver 1 bronze. Team see the excellent achievements of black boy, want him, but the province, Jiang Hai ran home to get married in a fit of pique. This run missed the future, so we have to coach the love in front of stopwatch.

Long thin eyebrow eye, tall took hold. At the age of 13 to participate in the competition in the city, 500 meters first lap just fell, coach xiao-bing zhao qi got tears crosscurrent, stopwatch away go head. In the second year, young men and women in the city a mix of speed skating race, han provided MeiYiMing, five champions, batman happy in the snow to stick straight up, also had a big fart pier, han mei had a little wang wei took the world champion at the moment, saw her, they asked: "coach han, I take the world champion, you this time professional evaluation can use?"

This is the coach team, qitaihe can a special campaign team, with a persistent arms Olympic dream team, inheriting and advance wave upon wave, a team.


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