Coach who silently uses stopwatch

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Meng Qing Yu, Meng Qingyu, 21, took the stopwatch in 1972 to represent Qitaihe in the 1500 meter race to win the championship. The 3000 meter race, the champion! And the 5000 meter champion! From time to time, Xu Jichun, the director of the city body team, impulsively impetuous, when he transferred Meng Qingyu to the Municipal Sports Committee as a coach at this time, he had whole stopwatch. He ordered him to pick up a group of children with potential in primary and secondary schools, and strive for 35 years to cultivate a fast skating team.

Soon, Meng Qingyu elected more than 20 boys and girls around 10 years old. They are all children of poor miners and poor farmers. Some children have never even seen skating. But Meng Qingyu was full of determination. He said: "the miners' children are all scattered, and they do not take good care of those bad points. They climb mountains and rivers, fish and fish every day. Most of them have a pair of flying legs, and they can enjoy themselves and have courage.

In order not to delay their studies, they set up stopwatch every day at 4 in the morning, training in summer, on the ocean in winter, and on frozen water bubbles in winter. In order to practise bravery, Meng Qingyu came up with all kinds of strange tricks, such as taking the children out of the night in the wilderness and practicing the Gaoqiao diving. In order to enhance endurance, Meng Qingyu cycled with stopwatch to make long distance training, and around one circle after another for thousands of kilometers.One time, the little players rode on a ride and suddenly found that Meng's coach had no shadow and hurried back to find the coach. The coach found the coach fainted in the roadside ditch, the arm cut half a foot of the mouth, and the record of their training stopwatch, blood DC, and bone revealed. The children cried, and they knew the coach was too tired.


However, it is difficult to make great progress in the training of children only a few months in a year. With the support of the city, Meng Qingyu led his children to Harbin's provincial ice base. Renting in dilapidated bungalows, there is no water going up and down, and toilets are inside. Yang Yang's mother was brave enough to go to Harbin to cook for the children. One year, because of the lack of funds, Meng Qingyu had to borrow 30 thousand yuan from Wang Meng's father.That's all the old king's house in advance. In Harbin, training is more bitter, more tired and harder. But often used his favorite stopwatch, at noon 10 or 2 noon, Meng Qing Yu led the small players into the rink. As the ice base was prepared for the dwarf national team and the provincial team, the Qitaihe dolls could only wait for the eldest brother to rest and sleep on the ice.

In January 1986, the first national children's Speed Skating Championships were held in Mudanjiang. The first shot for Qitaihe was 15 year old girl Zhang Jie. She won the men's group of 500 meters, 1000 meters, 1500 meters and other five champion stopwatches. Xu Chenglu, 16 year old, won the women's group of 1500 meters. There were more than 10 Qitaihe children taking silver and entering the top six, and Qitaihe was suddenly shocked.In the late 80s, Meng Qingyu noticed the short track speed skating just appeared in the world ice arena. He realized that compared with the traditional track speed skating, the sharp opposition and uncertainty of the short track will make it a wonderful flower in the world. He decided that all my young players, especially girls, should turn to the short track. It has been proved in advance that this is a very foreseeable decision.

On the 50 - birthday of Mencius, I was one yuan for the children and secretly ordered common stopwatch shape for the coach. The following said, "the coach worked hard!" The hard man, Meng Qing, wept. He spread out his arms like an old hen, so that he could bring all the children together. Unfortunately, the road of heroes is sometimes unavoidable. In the early morning of August 2, 2006, Meng Qingyu drove from Qitaihe to Harbin ice base. On the way collided with a large truck, Meng Qingyu died on the spot, at the age of 55.


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