World Cup report - Argentina have already won, and their team is in a state of frenzy.

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

One of the decisive images of the world cup was St Petersburg, with the Argentina team winning the title of the ticket with an amazing Marcos Rojo's late goal. Of course, that's what Messi usually does. Whenever he appeared in the world cup, he was a heavy burden on the shoulders of the people, sometimes this is a heavy burden. But as Rojo was very ecstasy after winning the 3 minute stopwatch time in Argentina, Messi jumped into the back of the guard like a child who jumped to his father, and all the comforts, joys and celebrations came together.

You won't see Messi smile on Argentina's Jersey, but when he rode Joe's back, he was very happy. "We have suffered a lot, this is a difficult situation," Messi said after the match. "This is a great relief and relief for all of us." Is this the night when Messi and Argentina got out of the yoke and became the team again after the recent queuing and meeting with coach Jorge Sampa Lee? It's too early to say,If Argentina fails to defeat France in Saturday's Kazan 16 match, the storm will reappear. But what is the incredible stadium? What is the competition now? This is a World Cup conflict with everything. This is the 90 minute shadow of Russia in 2018 so far.

In front of the 60000 fans to show the amazing winner, we have a Messi miracle ball, a free throw and a non free throw, in front of the blue and white shirts. It may be Buenos Aires or Rosario, not half a Russian city far away from the world, and this game has all the craziness associated with football in Argentina, and a bloody Javier Mascherano joins.

Mascherano has always been the striker and center of the inner fight. He watched the blood flow out of his cheeks. Who is the hard man of the Argentines? Mascherano picked each box.

Maradona celebrated in the high sky in the stands after Messi took off his unveiling battle in 14 minutes and Jung Banega's pass was controlled with his knee and right foot before shooting the net. When Victor Mose settled the penalty kick of Argentina's greatest former player Mascherano - let us not start another Messi debate, and gasped the winner in his country's last game.

No football superpower is as crazy as Argentina. The Argentina players are able to run 10000 meters on average every day, and a strict stopwatch time training. It's a real talent for the players. Their sports data are recorded with stopwatch, where they get so wonderful and can make themselves crazy. It's all usual. The result of professional effort training.


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