Visualization of physical education in hand ring

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

In the classroom, we often see that every student wears sports bracelet on his wrist. What is the secret weapon? How to use it? The field coaches and teachers are curious, this is the first section of the primary school physical education teacher "obstacle running" of physical education, a teacher, forty students, students are wearing colorful sports rings, a look at the past, intelligent hand rings have brought different brilliance to the classroom.

Other careful teachers noticed some new changes in the PE class today, in addition to a nice "sports ring" on each student's wrist, and a mobile phone was attached to the gym instructor's arm; an electronic stopwatch with a large screen on the edge of the field showed each of them. The sports data of students are constantly being refreshed. Coaches of physical education classes for this group of students, besides routine demonstration and command, are running, jumping and throwing.From time to time, there will be a glimpse of a cell phone and a large screen at the edge of the playground. Perhaps a teacher will ask that there is a big screen stopwatch with a large screen in addition to the students, and there seems to be no difference between the sports class and the past. The teachers who came to do the lectures were considered to be the first milestone in the history of physical education in Shenzhen.

The secret function of the sports bracelet

The "secret function" of the sports ring is that it can monitor the heart rate of the students in real time. The intelligent heart rate loop helps the physical education teacher to guide the sports. The heart rate function of the intelligent hand loop realizes the close fusion of the information technology and the physical education, and the children's warm-up exercise is not enough in the classroom. Suddenly, the teacher in the physical education class walked to the little student's side, gestured him to recuperate slightly."The warm-up time should be 3 minutes and 40 seconds, but the student's wrist watch vibrates sharply, while the mobile phone in the teacher's arm is also synchronizing." The coach explained, "it was the sports bracelet that monitored the student's heart rate over the 125 normal frequency of the preset normal heart rate. At this time, I had to get him to do some relaxing exercise, and it was on the basis of the signal that the mini monitor in the sport hand ring on the student's hand sent me a signal.

Just in the classroom, the volume of the students began to increase, and the trainer set the student's heart rate to 150 times a minute, when the other sports ring issued a warning signal, and the teacher's mobile phone screen showed that the student's heart rate had reached 173 heartbeats per minute. It is necessary to immediately reduce the intensity of sports in the physical education class. The substitute teacher immediately makes a relaxing adjustment to the student's movement. After the teacher uses the sports ring, his physical education class is more than before with sports equipment, whistle, and stopwatch. It is the mobile phone which is connected with the backstage data of the sports ring.

Heart rate bracelet control of moving hand rings

Before class, in addition to preparing lessons, we should presuppose preparation activities, main teaching materials, comprehensive activities, relaxation of sports and heart rate control of sports rings. In the course of class, in addition to doing demonstrative action, Gu Yonggang also forms the situation that often looks up on the large screen stopwatch, which shows the whole class on the large screen stopwatch. The name and heart rate of the students, especially the students who have a frequent surge in heart rate, are almost all the focus of the sports difficult households. It is always hinting that the teacher must pay attention to the students' immediate physical heart rate, cooperate with the heart rate loop and quickly adjust the intensity of the students' movement.

After class, the teachers use the experience to analyze and summarize whether the load of the students in this class meets the expected goal. And now through the analysis of the backstage data of the movement hand ring, it is clear that the heart rate of each student in the class and the intensity of the whole class can be adjusted in the next time. In the class sports class, other primary school PE teachers also try to introduce the heart rate movement Bracelet in the basketball lesson of physical education.

Experience + exercise heart rate bracelet to make students exercise more efficiently.

He said: compared to the previous sports, this class used the intelligent heart rate hand loop to real-time monitor the real time data of the student's exercise load, and let the teacher in accordance with the intelligent heart rate handset and the synchronization of the mobile phone can better master every student movement. And through the control of the heart rate curve process chart collected by the heart rate loop of the whole class to regulate the appropriate exercise load of the students, the RESEE intelligent heart rate loop can make the physical education visual visual.After class, the teaching and research staff and teachers reviewed the data detected by the sports rings and found that the exercise intensity of the first class in the first class using the intelligent heart rate loop was 1.78 and the second class was 1.63. The sports ring data scientifically verified that the two classes were of moderate normal category, the principal of the primary school told the reporter. The sports class in physical education begins with the practice of the regional information project "based on the physical and mental health of the students in the background of physical and mental health data." the school has carried out a profound study on the sports ring. It also requires the manufacturers of intelligent heart rate bracelet to finish the function of the hand loop and the accuracy of the data.

In the past, there are many deficiencies in the physical education class. Teachers can not grasp the load of the whole class. In particular, they can not understand the physical condition of each student in time. The most of them is to stop with stopwatch after a period of time and let the students check their heart rate. For this reason, the school has bought and bought 500 wearable heart rate sports rings. I'm going to buy 800 more teachers and students covering the whole school.The exercise hand rings are used to monitor and warn the students' heart rate and exercise load, because the early warning of sports rings includes not only the excessive reminder of movement, but also the small reminder that the students are not always in a state of being too mastered in physical education.

In the background of advanced cities to vigorously promote education information, the school has the theme of "increasing the rate of obesity control", let students wear sports ring in the course of physical education, take "accompany" data collection, automatic exercise load feedback. On the one hand, through the hand loop monitoring the students' heart rate, movement intensity, and the number of steps, through the handset of the teacher's mobile phone and the real-time heart rate hand loop data switch on the large screen, it presents the effective data of the classroom movement intensity; on the other hand, it can intervene the process of student movement in real time.Before class, the warning value of heart rate is set on the sports ring before the class, so as to monitor the data of the hand loop in the classroom, warn the warning, and pay attention to the real time, and the use of the sports ring not only makes the students' sports load in the physical education class visual monitoring, the heart rate data accumulation, but also provides the technical path through the sports ring sports class. Students' physique is supported by data. The sports bracelet can lay the data basis for sports load for the overall development of students' physique.