Health monitoring function of smart Watch

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

From the motion tracker to the blood pressure detection watch, we carefully explore the latest organic recognition technology. You can manually record your heart rate by holding the wrist and calculating the pulse. Most of these devices are watches to collect heart data all day and record it on smart phone applications. The application can build richer datasets than stopwatches.

The new motion tracking watch uses GPS functions or accelerators to record your running, riding, walking, and the back of swimming watch with an optical sensor that uses light to measure blood flow and to process it by algorithm to create blood pressure data. Watches show blood pressure and heart rate, but these are better displayed in which to view historical data. This watch also has a restore function. It suggests how many hours you should wait before you exercise again.Because the running times seem to be consistent but I find them a little casual for cycling, the power meter data is necessary for accurate results. When running, watches also show maximum values, such as the value of maximal oxygen, which they claim is 97% accurate compared to laboratory tests.


You need to wear your watch day and night to get accurate readings. Whether open or closed, or just using it during exercise, will affect the average value of software calculation. For example, I worked out for a month, 10 times when I only wore watch several times, and I would wear watch on an average of 60s when I was running or riding a bike. Surprisingly, the algorithm is unable to identify and eliminate these deviations.

A powerful watch, used to track and improve your sports performance, may be the best sport watch on the market, but in order to simply monitor your movement, you might be better able to use a smartphone application, such as heart rate frequency.

A good watch will track exercises and steps, and use optical sensors to collect body data. The interface is a bit confusing. It needs to mix buttons, buttons and touch screens to slide it to operate. A rubber wristband often cuts my wrist and feels sweaty, that is, if you don't wear watch, the application will tell you that it was a big assumption when you didn't wear watch last time. The application itself is easy to navigate, and smart watches will clearly show that your data will be less.