Rhodes's record breaking season

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Recently, sprinter Tame Lalo de did not use the sports stopwatch hard training before the competition. Nor did he think that he was going to be a champion and set a running record and tried to get himself into trouble. Rhodes usually went to eat pickles, she joked. Teaching usually yells at him to do more stretches or warm-up.

No matter how her method is, it is successful. Rhodes has a 400 meter dash, a 800 meter run, a 60 meter dash and a recent signing of the school records of the El Dorado Butler County College in Kansas, and Rhodes likes to take action after the event. She said she had not been to the Kansas campus, she said. If I don't do this, I believe he will still like to run with stopwatch.

Rhodes, a multiple athlete at Russell high school, said she knew that in grade nine, she had the chance to get a high level of athletics. She has been playing basketball for many years, but she said, "give up a lot." "For her, the track has always been her main focus.


"I usually run in the middle, so I can see people in front of me, and I try to catch them," she said. At the championship meeting, Rhodes tried to win the best game of each game in the last game of the season. Luo won the 400 meter dash, and the school coach's stopwatch record was 56.95 seconds. The original record is 57 seconds.

"Goodman held stopwatch in his hand and said," Rhodes, I think you've got a low 57 seconds, which is not enough to beat the record. But we later saw that it was 56.95. I was too tired to be excited, but I was very excited afterwards. It was a cool thing to create a record in my final game as a game. Rhodes scored 19.85 points in 800 seconds in the seven all-around games, stopwatch record since 1977.