Use of fat scales

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

People who like to weigh everyday often jump on the fat scale and see a number and stare at it, shaping the perfect figure. You either get lighter, or you see yourself getting heavier, and if you're honest enough, it might be a little frustrating, okay, stop it. These days we understand that the scales know much about our weight, so the scale's steps have become a powerful body monitoring tool.We can reveal more details in our bodies. In the age of interconnected families and quantified, all of us are paying attention to the finest details of our body through the fat scales, which are everywhere, and the weight scale becomes more and more intelligent.

We can now use fat scales to get all information from body fat percentage and bone density to muscle mass, water quality, heart rate and even metabolic age. All these fat scales are synchronized to smart phone applications by WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as activities, sleep and more extensive fitness data, intelligent fat Scales give you a more comprehensive picture of your current health, help us discover long-term trends in fitness planning, and enable us to better control our happiness.

These fat scale data will be converted to daily tips and guidelines to help you achieve weight loss or muscle exercise targets, but before using this scale, some considerations are needed. Most scales use bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to measure body composition, which is far from perfect. Each scale uses its own algorithm to explain the signal slightly different to the fat scale.


The fat scales we use on the same conditions are set on the tile bathroom floor. The first thing we have in the morning is to take off the shoes to step on the fat scale to see your weight, and to look at the data more clearly with the application on the phone, and then we are based on the data range of the fat scale, accuracy, Reliability, design and usability to judge them.

The second generation scale of the fitness series also includes a fitness tracker. For a fitness product, you will expect the scale to be stable, and the RESEE fat scale will not be disappointing. They are not as smooth or stable as other brands. Although the fat scale uses a polished black and white glass surface, it still has a fashion style. The RESEE scale can automatically identify up to 8 users, measure fast speed, and display statistical data with a sense of retro graphics on a tiny LED screen. However, you can only gain weight and body fat percentage during weighing.

The rest, it's better to say, you can read the application, you can read the weight of the fat scale relatively easily, the thin weight (except for all the fat bits) and the percentage of fat, the percentage of body fat and the progress map of the BMI, that is, it needs to close to the router to pick up the WiFi, so if you live in a big house Your fat scale may be only a few meters away from your magic Internet box, so that's a problem. It also does not read heartbeat. We find that data is usually too slow to synchronize data to the application.

Normal mode tracking weight, BMI, muscle, fat, bone and water. For expectant mothers, the pregnancy mode can draw weekly progress charts and add photos to numbers. Intelligent feedback mode exchange numbers for smiley faces, hope no matter what expressions.Finally, the only weight limited mode is suitable for those who implant the device, such as the pacemaker that does not make good use of the bioimpedance, and it is fast and simple to use a smartphone. Once you connect the fat scale to the Wifi network data, each time you jump, you can quickly synchronize the application to the fat scale.If you don't have Wifi, you can synchronize by Bluetooth, but you need to put your cell phone at your hands. The app itself doesn't have Fitbit bells, which are simple enough to keep track of sleep, calorie intake and activity.