Sports stopwatch test running speed

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Most runners and many people use the sports stopwatch as well, familiar with Sir Roger Bannister's first 4 minute run. In May 6, 1954, he ran a mile in the early 3 minutes, and the movement stopwatch showed 59.4 seconds. This game, about 64 years ago, set a standard for high school, college, and professional stopwatch. The stopwatch is still a chronograph used by athletes and coaches.

Generally, runners only experience a mile in a track and field competition as part of a high school or college project. But this summer, runners will have the opportunity to experience different experiences. On the contrary, when they use the stopwatchstandard 400 meter track competition, they will run around two times around the highway.

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There are many "road miles" throughout the country, which provides runners with an opportunity to divert attention from many typical 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers or half marathon races. It is noteworthy that Fifth Avenue and invitations to attract world-class athletes and pay large packages to winners. More locally, Draper Mir held thirty-sixth times in 2017, attracting a lot of participants to run and they liked to use sports stopwatch to record running time and speed tests.

Runners generally like to use sports stopwatches to test their best mile speed. The reason is simple. A person's best time in a mile is a good indicator of how long a person can run. A match that is properly trained. For example, according to several famous running stopwatches, if you can run for 7:00 miles, you may run half an hour to run 5K. If you can run 6:00 miles, then we can predict the potential of running stopwatch by running 5 K per hour.