12 minutes of running

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

These days at college and professional level, 12 minutes of running has been popular. Instead of choosing endurance running, coaches choose to use stopwatch to do sprint test, believing that shorter distance can better reproduce the experience and reduce wear. Football has always maintained the dynamism of the test, from the college team to the FIFA referee to the European top league players. Last fall, one of Cooper's friends communicated with the famous coach of the running club. He asked the trainer team to judge the fitness situation

We always use sports stopwatch for 12 minutes in third days of cross-country training, which is definitely the pleasure of the end of spring. My high school coach will bring dozens of students to the local track. In our suburb of Kansas, at 6 o'clock in the morning, with his stopwatch, he forced us to run on the oval runway and run in circles, as many as we could do. The local police have their training centers on a nearby hill.And under it, our track is like a prison, the contestant is trapped, the driveway is scattered, and after a few minutes. When Wilson calls the loudspeaker to stop, even a better condition is bending over the waist. Whether you are one of the fastest or the slowest runners, it doesn't discriminate against the pain of running for 12 minutes with stopwatch.

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For years I thought the coach had made this unbearable stopwatch. In fact, my pain is common.

Setting up a 12 minute run with stopwatch is the most effective and most popular reflex test in the world. I put up with the same torture, like Bailey as a football star, like Michael Jordan in a college basketball match. I'm a player. All the pain came from the invention of Dr. Kenneth Cooper.

Cooper gained international fame by stimulating modern movement through his book "aerobics". He's not well known because he set up 12 minute run with stopwatch, or, as others call it, Cooper tests. Tilly Cooper published this month is the 50th anniversary test, during this time, 12 minutes for the Champions League, stopwatch time to run the university basketball team, as FIFA referee,The police use sports stopwatch. Many thousands of high school and amateur athletes all over the world, like those in senior high school, do not know what the exam is and what makes it an ideal condition.