Series of records of the federal games stopwatch

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

In the 2018 Commonwealth Games men's 4X100 relay final, the England team won 38 seconds 13, the South Africa won the silver in 38 seconds 24, each minute was stopwatch record, the last champion Jamaica was affected by Boulter's decommissioning strength.They won the bronze medal only in 38 seconds and 35. In the men's 100 - meter final few days ago, he was always paying attention to the sports stopwatch. Jamaica famous Blake lost Third South African players.

In the four years of the Commonwealth Games, Jamaica flying men have won the men's 100 meter championship in the past three sessions. Looking at the data recorded by the stopwatch, the gold Collins of St. Collins and Nevis captured the crown in 2002 with 9 seconds 98, and 2006 world record holder Asafa Powell won the championship by 10 seconds 03 stopwatch. In 2010, the Jamaican Clark won by 10 seconds 12, and 2014, Cole, won the stopwatch of 10 seconds 00.

The April 9th Games used sports stopwatch to record men's 100m runners. South Africa's 24 year old athletes held stopwatch with stopwatch in a 10 second 03. Bruhn Jess, a team mate, was runner up with stopwatch, or runner up in a 10 second 17 run record.In 2011, the men's 100 meter champion in Daegu World Championships and Blake of the Jamaica team used stopwatch to record 10 seconds and 19 for second runner up. Blake, who had run out of 9 seconds 69 in the 2012 season, had run out of third on stopwatch. He himself was very confident of the men's 100 meter four consecutive championship before this game, and Boulter was more optimistic about him. Even to him, he said he would not have to return to Jamaica if he did not win the gold medal.

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Blake was born at the end of 1989 and is now 28 years old. He had a very serious injury in the past few years. After the 2016 season, it was hard to find the peak of that year. Today's men's 4X100 meter relay final, sports running, John - Blake running the final team, and South Africa's new men's 100 - meter champion Shimbin are the last to run.

In the past 10 years of brilliant career running, Boulter took part in the competition at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014, and took part in the relay and held the sports stopwatch for a single 100 meter race. It is more difficult to accept that the women's 4X100 meter relay gold medal is also snatched by the England team, the Jamaica team is in the second place, and many products use the electronic stopwatch to test the results.