Stopwatch competition for the five Great Lakes Championships

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

The men's track and field team won second in the stopwatch competition at the five Great Lakes championship, which fought on rainy days. The team locked the position of the runner up. The first match tonight was the 4x400 team of Katie McAllister, Emily Carlson, Hayley Cooper and chloy Calhoun, who beat Eastern Christians with a score that had just surpassed stovwa. Wait a minute。The eight points after the competition made the bulldog win 98 points in the competition, more than one point more than the 6 points of Wolf Parr's tail wing in front of Marrs. "I thought our girls had a strong physical resilience all night, and although we couldn't believe the stopwatch this season, all of these girls were able to cope with us." Marrs chief coach Tammy Dunn said there will be a CT meeting next week. I'm very pleased with Katie McAllister tonight. She has a special career in LCHS, and tonight she struggled.

Spencer left the Lakers with the 181 winners of the Lakers' Champions Cup because they won many honorary competitions. The group or team ranked first or second in the project and won all recognition. Le Mars started running with the success of the 800 metre Medley medley. Haley Schwarz, Anne Ellis, McAllister and Calhoun had stopwatch for 1:56.21, only 3/3 after the game, the best stopwatchto beat the runner up in the first second of the season.


Mandy Hurt achieved third in the 3000 meter race with the achievement of 11:39.58. She was 8 seconds behind, showing the stopwatch in the match, but Courtney Del, the winner of the match, was 30 seconds behind. St. Ling Lake Park. Later, Hutt scored 1500 points in the league as a runner up after Spencer's Jenna Moller with 5:17.01 stopwatch.

The 4x800 team obtained third stopwatches from Carla Albrecht, Peggy Washburn, Sarah Mis and Calhoun Fagafaga, showing that the time was 10:15.17. It was 10 seconds N faster than their best time, but it was not as fast as Spencer or the Western Christian who won the 10:02.23. In the shuttle relay race, Le Mars ranked second with 1:14.61, and they were behind Spencer for 2 seconds. Brooke Ale and Cady Lesink and Jaden and Joel Martin Davidson finished the race by 0.06 faster than the third ethnier Lincoln Center.


After a pair of 100 meters long run, a pair of Spencer runners fell behind. Vander Weide runs 13.83 seconds with Eastern Christian running stopwatch, but goes to the bronze medal for 1/1000 seconds stopwatch. She ended in 13.822, while Luce's stopwatch was 13.830. Storm Lake Emma Kenkel (EmmaKenkel) was only a hair at the age of 13.84, and Albrecht won fourth in the 400 run with the stopwatch of 1:05.36. Cherokee Briana Sleza won the 1:02.80 stopwatch. Albrecht also ranked fourth among the 800 players. She finished with 2:38.74. The watch was scored in the 2:45.25 with sixth. Mackay Fant Hull of Eastern Christianity won by 2:33.32.

In the 4x200 competition, the three teams finished the competition within one second. Spencer won the competition stopwatch at 1:53.00, while Si Christine was the 37%. Bulldog team finished behind the winner of the tiger, Ellis, Cooper, McAllister and Calhoun finished the competition, Spencer's Olivia awarded the 16.93 results to win the 100 meter hurdles competition, but this is a potential force. The enemy's three games, their stopwatch record is only 0.02 points. Spencer's Abbey R completed the stopwatch in 17.64, while Leusink on the 17.66 second stopwatch was tied to Cherokee's OliviaRenken. Lisink defeated the bronze medal in 1/4000 seconds.