Use stopwatch to run outdoors

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

It was very common after the rain, but fortunately, we enjoyed a sunny afternoon with stopwatch to exercise, because I came from the central time zone, and Seattle used another wrong time zone. I got up at 4:30 on the second morning and fastened my exercise shoes. But it's half past four. A little timidly, I sent my colleagues to join me, and we met at about 6 in the hall, and we began to go to Edwards Park, a waterfront public space, walking paths, bike lanes and amazing outdoor sculptures.

The sun rises, we use the stopwatch for an hour to walk and jog on the Elliot Bay path. We can record 100 other athletes with stopwatch. Everyone is happy because bailing can enjoy their endorphin release, the sunrise and the comfortable 60 degree temperature combination continue to run to exercise their body.

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After the delicious breakfast, we began to prepare for our business meeting. It was a success, and I felt very much that we would win the contract we had to come before we left the room, and later that afternoon I realized that our meeting was prepared for the positive impact of our outdoor exercise.

Technical training is just 2 or 3 miles of walking / jogging. We can do this on the treadmill of the hotel. But this setting has changed. We paid extra effort to immerse ourselves in the outdoor activities. Not only did we get great memories, but also got a new business partner. The outdoor training was powerful. I picked up stopwatch, headed out to the outside, started stopwatch and gently moved for three minutes. One day you reached a standard of 3 minutes and accelerated two points. Clock to medium level, and re jogging and repeat the same 3-2-1 interval several times.

Week's practice is a form of speed training, perfect for outdoor training. According to the terrain, 3-2-1 running is a cool way to carry a full sprint for 30 seconds when a stopwatch is trained with a different intensity for five minutes.