Identification method of intelligent electronic scale

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

How can we know more about electronic scales?

Electronic fat scale, hereinafter referred to as electronic scale, has been increasingly welcomed by operators and vast customers in the field of circulation, and its utilization rate is increasing year by year. However, compared with traditional leverage principles (such as AGT, TGT) and double-sided tension spring dial scales, electronic scales are quite different in weighing principles, and the weighing characteristics of electronic scales are not well understood by the users.

The operation principle and characteristic digital signal of the electronic scale are processed by the left line of the single chip computer. After keyboard input, the display part is visualized, and then the whole process of unit price, measurement and weighing is completed. In fact, the weighing results are actually known as the gravity of objects and closely related to the g value of gravity acceleration. The operation principle of electronic scale is obviously different from that of lever scale in that the sensor of electronic scale makes elastomer produce an electric signal U after being attacked by the gravity of the mass Mo of the said object, and then converts analog signal into analog signal by A/D converter.

The verification principle of electronic scale When the electronic scale performs the verification function, the single chip computer will actively change the electric signal value and get the same white IF display value. Therefore, in the future, the data of the database will be changed. In the future, each weighing of electronic scales will share with the modified standard data to get the correct data.


Attention and protection in the use of electronic scales

1. Because the accuracy of the electronic scale is higher than that of the machine weighing device and there are more software to use, the following points should be paid attention to when using the electronic scale:

(1) The electronic scale should be installed on a stable platform and rotated four supporting columns so that the air bubbles of the level meter are in the center and the scale is in the horizontal state. When adjusting, try not to adjust the supporting columns too high. After adjusting, screw the adjusting screws with nuts.

(2) the outer zero line grounding, that is, the plug of the electronic scale is necessary for the three wire plug. There are three effects: in case the external electronic circuit is damaged, the operator's safety can be ensured; in case of external electromagnetic field disturbance, the progressive system can resist internal ability; in case the powder is placed on the load-bearing disc, the electrostatic energy produced by the particle friction can be quickly released to prevent the impulse noise caused by it and make the single-chip computer act incorrectly.

(3) No weighing under direct sunlight, no weighing under conditions of less than 10 and above 40 C, relative brightness greater than 90%, voltage change beyond (coincidence + 10) clarity, frequency change greater than 2% of taxi, and no working under severe oscillation environment.

(4) Do not allow water to wash or rain, otherwise it will damage the electronic circuit, and there is a risk of fire and electric shock; do not allow strong decaying contact media and strong solvents to touch the load-bearing disk, otherwise it will damage the disk surface. 

(5) avoid weighing goods when weighing.


2. electronic scale maintenance

(1) weighing goods should be placed on the bearing plate to prevent impact.

(2) excessive weighing (overload or overload) is not allowed.

(3) pay attention to the replacement of price indication unit price at any time according to the status of the alleged object.

(4) when the electronic scale is not used, goods must not be placed on the bearing plate for a long time.

(5) it is necessary to unplug the power plug and clean the scales with clean cloth and cover the protective cover.

(6) in the operation of keyboards, quietly touching, strictly prohibit fingernail percussion.

(7) Electronic scales shall not use solvents such as "in-class" to scrub their appearance in order to prevent the surface decoration layer from being seriously corroded and scrapped.

(8) If an electronic scale is enclosed in an accident, the user may not disassemble it by himself. The measuring instruments and duplicate repair department should be invited to repair it in time in order to prevent serious damage to the electronic scale components.