Electronic scale weighing more than 60kg

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Can weigh more than 60kg riot electronic name, about how much money?

Explosion-proof electronic weighing scale is based on the rare electronic weighing scale, the use of voltage reduction, current limitation, cut-off, sealing and optical cable communications and other skills, to remove or block the electrical circuit in the weighing scale can be generated in the initiation source, electrical sparks, static sparks, low temperature, so that the electronic weighing scale can safely and reliably respond to. Things in risk areas.

In the electronic scale industry, there is a word uncertain will not be some consumers have not heard - "remote control Jinjian", should not be in our minds are television remote control, air conditioning remote control, etc., but never thought electronic scale will be necessary to implement remote control. Remote control Jingliang is a high-tech means, such a broad consumer is aware of just arrived, hawkers bought electronic scales to find a special person to implement a certain modification and then, they can control the scale performance, price and so on.

Such skills are certainly high-tech, but they are no longer widely used in weekdays. In this small edition of the proposal first: broad consumers do not have to go to the local legitimate market to carry out the purchase of goods, can not stop in the same stall business goods, to rotate the stall business, this look can quickly see the results. Second: when we are in the meat, poultry business, we can not pay in a hurry, to go to a fair scale after the reinspection of the money, this kind of practice is certainly cumbersome, always very applicable. Once we see hawkers on electronic scales when we are dealing with goods, we can go to the relevant parts to protect our legitimate rights and interests.


There is no truck that has passed the relevant examination, and no truck has been delineated according to the relevant parts. If such environment is encountered, the operator of the electronic scale technician should refuse to weigh. Fifth: When weighing, the electronic scales technician should seriously reflect on whether the weighed truck has a delivery notice checked by the supply part. But in special circumstances, the electronic scales technician should contact the person in charge of the supply part in real time to confirm that the part of the truck has been given a replenishment notice. It is necessary to weigh the car before it is confirmed, and the operator of the electronic scales should have relevant telephone records in place. Fourth: electronic scales technicians to be weighed vehicles to start a rigorous confirmation of yesterday's small edition to tell you the above five electronic scales technicians operating standards, looking forward to any operator of electronic scales technicians can be rigorous standards of their own actions, set up for the electronic scales technicians in the industry The new model, in the earlier edition, could also bring a little more operational standards for electronic scales technicians.

Electronic scales technicians who are receptive once or twice should be able to deform the loader and even destroy the weighing sensor. Secondly, there is no track to follow for the change of weighing data deviation. The reason for this kind of defect is that two different applied forces make the weighing sensor input flag signal divergent. The way to deal with this kind of defect is that the weighing officer should carry out the weighing under different applied forces.

The intelligent electronic scale technician will show this appearance or something in ordinary application. This part of the results are to be avoided, and can not be arbitrary random a user in the application can pay attention to those results, so that the formation of a long-term electronic scale technician in the application of a weighing ban, bias and other signs. Here are some rare problems that I can explain to you, and I hope it will help everyone.

First: goods, electronic scale technicians in the application of the most common results, when the same goods beyond the largest scale electronic scale technicians weighing, it can form weighing readings helpless performance, when the goods subtracted a small part of the weight, weighing data will be abnormal performance. Second: whenever you present this kind of environment, you can judge that the sensor is broken.

Third: the performance of electronic scales instrument performance data is zero, but in addition to the object, the object component does not show. Once you have presented this kind of environment, you can judge that the sensor is broken.

Fourth: when the electronic scale starts, the data of the performance instrument does not show zero, and the display screen keeps beating.