Weight scales reduce weight 7 days.

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Every time I step on weight scale, I always get entangled. Always think of some advice from weight loss experts. Saying that no standard weight scale can not measure its own index. Dr. Psychology agrees, pointing out that digital attention to gauge scales can become a health problem, and that scales don't make you forget the importance of focusing on "feeling good physically and mentally".

"If you put on a kilogram of weight, it often leads to depression," says the psychotherapist. "If you lose a kilogram, the scale will give you excitement, which will reward you for feeling. Stepping on a weighbridge often has a slight effect on our mood and weight. "

But if weight loss is your goal, the numbers on the LED screen of the scale may be a valuable way to inform and monitor progress. If you've recently changed your diet or activity level, the scale is a good indicator of whether what you're doing is working when you weigh. If you choose to use weight scales as a measure of weight loss, the average weekly. "You should be more, not less."He said. If you step on the scale every morning and weigh yourself, you can calculate the average of seven days to more accurately describe the real progress over time.


What is the great appointment with your weight scale every day? It gives you more overall benefits. If you weigh only on Fridays, you won't find that you actually lose weight faster than you think. Or not? A small study carried out by a foreign university found that men and women who weighed themselves and followed the results daily not only lost weight, but also recovered after two years with an average of nearly zero fluctuations in the weighing data.

Please note that the average weight of your scales will fluctuate every day. It's perfectly normal, depending on whether you defecate, how much you ate or drank the day before, how much you exercised, whether you're hydrated, etc. Knowing your average is relaxing these seven days. Personally, I've been using this method for months and it's very helpful to monitor my progress. Of course, we do not mean to weigh ourselves every day with weight scale.It is absolutely necessary to achieve the goal. But if you see the average of the scales approaching zero, that's progress, and it motivates you to move on. What is useful for you!