Use of weight scales

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

How should a weight scale be used in a hand?

You can step directly onto the gym's weight scale to learn about your weight, or if you weigh yourself correctly, you can determine your actual weight. Your exact weight scale helps determine body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate, and how many calories you need each day. Each time you should weigh yourself in the same way to prevent inaccurate weight reading.

Step 1

Prepare the weight scales and put them on the floor and take off all the clothes. Wearing different clothes every day will undulate your weight, especially if you wear a belt one day and shoes the next.

Step 2

Dry yourself up. When you've just finished running from the shower or in the gym for an hour, don't get wet. Lightly stand on the weight scales so that the time may be convenient to weigh.

Step 3

According to experts on his website, after breakfast in the morning, weigh yourself on weight scale before using the bathroom. If you call yourself the same way every day, you can describe your weight more accurately.

Step 4

Standing on the weight scale. Good data, please wait to read.

Step 5

If you use a doctor's weight scale, move the two weight markers to the left. Slide 100 pound balance bar from left to right. Slide the mark into each groove until the right side of the device is tilted downward. Slide the one pound bar from left to right until the two sides of the device are horizontal.


When you are standing on weight scale, keep your weight as accurately as possible.

Initialization of weight scales may require initialization.

Initialization of the weight scale may be necessary when using it, as the weight scale is moved during transportation. Initialization ratio "resettlement" internal parts, so that the ruler can find the correct "zero". The following is how to initialize your weight scale:

1. put the weight scales on the hard floor.

2. use only one foot, place enough weight on the weight scales, and display the zero or dash. Once you see zero or dash, remove your feet.

3. wait for the weight scale to be closed again.

4. Plus weight scales.

Or your proportion may be on uneven surfaces or carpets. Make sure that the weight scales is placed on a hard, flat surface for accurate weighing. How do I edit my body weight scale?

The easiest way to edit weight scale is to take the manual to the weight scale and follow the instructions. Procedures do vary according to weight scale.

Generally speaking, click the power or set button until it is raised, then press the arrow key until it reaches the correct height. Each time after entry, the height, age, gender, and athlete mode will hit strength or setting. Then it beeps, and you need an upward arrow until you see one (1 is the memory number) tap the settings or power and wait for him to flicker until the flickering number is set. The program has now been edited.

The usual recall procedure is to hold down the power or set the button for 2 seconds until the weight scale's memory number rises. Then the number will be displayed simply by clicking the power or setting it. Then continue to get information in proportion. The weight will be the first, then zero, then the weight scale will show the fat content, and finally the weight of the water.