The accuracy and mystery of electronic weight scales

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

If you're worried that you're weighing more today than you were yesterday, it might not be your fault. Maybe one day, an electronic scale might tell you that you have a certain weight, and then they'll assume that you've gained five pounds. It's not just a matter of your size, but a lot of it may be very inaccurate.

"If they don't do well, they may not be that accurate," many people say, electronic weights are better than mechanical weights simply because "there are fewer error mechanisms."

Many manufacturers make electronic weighing scales that may not be accurate because they often use low-cost parts and are not subject to strict testing procedures.

“Gravity detection is different, depending on where you are in the world. The closer you get to the equator, the less gravity you have. So if you weigh an electronic scale in the UK, if it's made in another country, it may not be calibrated correctly. Domestic electronic weighers are usually mass produced, no There will be rigorous testing and calibration procedures. Many professional medical institutions like electronic weighing scales to measure the weight and height of their patients. If they are made abroad, they will be restricted. In addition, if they are used on inappropriate surfaces, such as velvet carpets, they may give you an inaccurate result. Reading. "

He also explained that like all things, all products have shelf life.

For a long time, you often weigh the electronic weighing scale will inevitably lose accuracy, need to re-calibrate.

The problem is that many bathroom scales require very few components to make electronic weights, so they will eventually be packed and crushed instead of repaired.

Experts say the electronic weighing scale is more reliable than the mechanical version because it has fewer working parts "which means fewer mistakes".

"Depending on where you stand on it and the angle you look at the screen, you can read the weight through mechanical scale," he said.

"This may mean that the readings may be read up to 1 kilograms or more.

Using electronic weight scales, clear reading.

But weight loss experts and professors say it is not fair to attribute the reading entirely to scale. When we asked him if temperature and surface materials really affected the numbers, he told us, "These mistakes are very small, and if your body looks tall, you can't blame them!" "Many'inaccuracies'have nothing to do with the scale, depending on what we get drunk, what we eat, the time of day, etc. And the number of clothes we may have. Our weight will be different, "someone pointed out. If you use the same size every week, then if it doesn't matter if they're a bit out, you'll still get an update on your progress.

Weight scale shows that your weight fluctuates.

When proportions move up and down, it only tells you how much you lose or gain, not how much you lose or gain, he said. Your weight fluctuates every day because there are several factors that have nothing to do with body fat or muscle mass, such as how much sweat you make, your food and drink choices, your weight and the time you last ate. Weight loss is not a smooth process, and when you go on a diet, you may experience several strange things about your weight, such as sudden weight gain, weight loss or even stall.

To solve this problem, we need to weigh ourselves daily, but pay attention to the weekly average, which helps eliminate any volatility. "We do not rely on single assessment tools. Instead, we take progress maps and perimeter measurements, measure body fat percentages and monitor gym performance. To get the most accurate reading on an electronic scale, he recommends weighing yourself before breakfast, roughly at the same time, before eating or drinking anything, and after using the bathroom. Few studies support high technology and measurement accuracy, and these scales try to measure your body fat, so you won't Miss buying only standard digital weights.

However, when it comes to basic weight reading, Richard tells us that prices can do something. The most reliable and accurate electronic scales you can buy are those that, in your personal name, will be patient-specific electronic scales, which means they are legal for medical purposes, but they do have higher prices. This is because each certified scale uses higher quality parts and will undergo thousands of precision tests, including temperature tests and reading consistency, called repeatability.

Each electronic weighing scale has been tested separately and verified to be accurate in use. Each electronic weighing scale has its own instructions and compliance statement. The bathroom scale is not subject to such legal checks and is not subject to regulation.