stopwatch record, the Japanese race hand endures the pain of abdominal pain to get the runner up

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

The seventy-first Biwa Ko marathon in Japan is finished. Kitajima Hisanori, a 31 year old Japanese professional, ran out of the stopwatch for 2 hours, 09 minutes, 16 seconds, and won the second. When he ran to 37 kilometers to the left, he suddenly showed a severe abdominal pain. The scene reporter recorded his beforehand expression of distress. Kitajima Hisanori not only did not maintain the competition, but slowed down the faster and finally got the runner up. Kitajima Hisanori's achievements in Japan, IAAF announced three station of the Rio Olympic Games ranked second trials. Japan in March 17th IAAF will announce the Rio Olympics marathon entry list, the North Island shoudian has to be elected.

Kitajima Hisanori was registered as a professional player, and the Japanese media reported that he had formally entered the professional running horse ranks as long as more than 1 years. This time Kitajima Hisanori's runner up, more than 3 minutes faster than his previous team's best stopwatch record. After the game, Kitajima Hisanori said that when I had abdominal pain, I had had the idea of speeding up. But I thought there was only 4 or 5 kilometers away from the starting point, so I would like to spell it again, so I slowed down and rushed forward. He confessed that the misconception of abdominal pain comforted myself more intensely about running to the starting point. He overstepped a number of competitors in the first few kilometres, and finally got the runner up.


Japanese athletics officials praised him after the Gong county Wei said: "the image of a veteran of the courage and sense of responsibility, especially after the abdominal pain over the opponent's move was unforgettable." At the end of last year, Japan announced the 2015 IAAF, Fukuoka marathon, February 2016 Tokyo marathon, Biwa Ko marathon in March as Japan's Rio Olympic trials, the standard specification marathon for 2 hours and 6 minutes and 30 seconds stopwatch initial results. In last year's Fukuoka marathon, Sasaki Go's stopwatch score of the best of the third Japanese players was 2 hours 8 minutes and 56 seconds. The best Japanese Takanomiya You stopwatch of the Tokyo marathon was 2 hours, 10 minutes and 57 seconds, and the stopwatch record was improved.

Kitajima Hisanori has achieved the results of the Asian army in the second place of the three trials. Japan prepared IAAF Rio Olympics squad in March 17th officially released, Kitajima Hisanori is able to get a ticket to the Olympic Games in rio. He also said that if he could go to Rio to take part in the Olympic Games, I would pay more attention to my body, so that I wouldn't have any abdominal pain in the competition.