Stopwatch record half horse World Championships women will break record

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

The 2018 half marathon world championships will be held in Valencia, Spain. In the men's half horse race, the 22 year old Ethiopia player won the championship with 1 hours, 06 minutes and 11 stopwatches. She also refreshed the competition record while inventing the best results of the group. Zhang Deshun, 22, of China's Yunnan team, ran out of stopwatch, 1 hours, 11 points, 11 points, 28, and twenty-second. It also refreshed the group PB. The women's competition, the tournament record insisted on Kenya Jeffrey Kanworuo ran 1 hours 00 minutes and 02 stopwatch achievement win.

The First Half Marathon Championships began in 1992, the event was later changed to the 20 km road race run indecent. In 2008, the IAAF Race and the name changed back to the half marathon world championships, set the competition format, after 2010, the tournament is held once every two years to determine.


The 2010 Lisbon marathon, Eritrea Zesen - Todd plug ran 58 minutes and 23 seconds of the world record Ma Xin women's semi stopwatch to become the world's only one, 58 minutes and 30 seconds into the stopwatch data of the female athletes. Last October 23rd, the Valencia half marathon, a 23 year old from Kenya teenager Qiaosailin Kexigai again - briup magic legend, in 1 minutes and 4 seconds to 51 seconds to invent new men's half marathon world record.The half marathon World Championships women's tournament record, Kenya Kanworuo record time in 2014 59 08 invention stopwatch record, men's tournament record 1 hours 06 stopwatch 36 in Kenya's Marie Kaitali invented in the 2009 season.

The men's race, a man with stopwatch beat 1 hours 06 minutes and 11 seconds of the two Kenya Reggie win, the world record Qiaosailin - briup Kexigai insisted on in 1 hours 06 minutes and 54 second stopwatch, another Kenya player Kaveke KAMULU to 1 hours 06 minutes 56 seconds table to record the best team results third. There are three women participating China team, 22 year old Yunnan's Zhang Deshun to 1 hours 11 minutes and 28 twenty-second PB group and record refresh to the stopwatch.Man group results, the Ethiopia team to 3 hours 22 minutes and 27 of the Kenya team to win stopwatch, 3 hours and 23 minutes of the 02 stopwatch lead and get the runner up, Bahrain team with 3 hours and 23 minutes of exercise 39 stopwatch and third stopwatch display team Japan 3 hours 33 minutes 57 fourth. The Chinese team ranked seventeenth in stopwatch, 3 hours, 50 minutes and 51.

The women's competition, Kenya's Jeffrey Kanworuo to 1 hours 00 minutes and 02 stopwatch achievement win. The Bahrain player A recorded the second place with a 1 hour, 00 - point, 22 - minute watch, and Eritrea's best record of 1 hours, 00 minutes, and 31. The Ethiopia team recorded the group championship with 3 hours, 02 minutes and 14 stopwatches. The Kenya team was runner up for 3 hours, 02 minutes and 40 seconds. Bahrain team ran out of the stopwatch 3 hours, 02 points 52, and got third.

April 4, 1998 born Liu Jinrui, born in January 20, 1999, Sichuan's gross A Mu Xie Chao was born in January 8, 1998 the Chinese men's team, three per capita is the debut of the IAAF race. Xie Chao recorded the average speed in the 1 hours, 07 minutes and 24 stopwatches. The group best results were ranked 116th. Liu Jinrui recorded 1 hours, 13 minutes and 44 of the team's best results ranked 139th.