An electronic stopwatch for a primary sprinter

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Six weeks ago, the University of Pennsylvania JDL Fast Track indoor held in the NCHSAA 3-A state championships in the 55 meters long won the championship. In the final, she ran a stopwatch in her hand to a preemptive disadvantage she had never kept. Penn also won a state champion in the 4x200 relay in the wild horse team and made fourth of fourth in the 300 meter long run."I know I'm going to work well, but I'm not sure if I can win the game," Penn said. "Sometimes, I suspect a lot of myself, and I know I shouldn't. The people around me are more determined than I do to me. "In the 55 - meter final, Mr. Penn was thought to be a success."Jordan (Green Viveros Alison Davies) and sales (north of Guildford), achieved the fastest time in this season's 3- class match, should grab the dominant position.

The race stopped 10 meters, and Penn was preempted, but Davies began to cut the gap quickly. In response, Payne summoned her perimeter storage fluctuations and was close to the starting point, winning the best result of the group with a 7.13 second stopwatch record. Davies won the runner up in 7.16 secondsAnd Green Viveros took third in 7.21, "I felt very nervous before the competition," Penn said. "When I was on the street, I had a change of mind. I keep informing myself that I can beat them. I keep informing myself that I have to go there first. Once I got out of the way, I felt I could pass, and I did it.


In the early stage of competition, I could feel that she (Davies) was strong, so I took a deep breath and kept pressing the button of stopwatch. At this time, he wasn't sure who won. Until I saw the consequences of the big TV screen, the success was unbelievable. "With the arrival of the outdoor season, all eyes are focused on Pennsylvania. After her indoor success, Parkland's coach, Antwan Hughes, is sure to prompt Penn, and she won't be surprised by anyone elsePenn is sure to face some valuable challengers in the 100 meter long run in the past spring. The DEERNI g deserved it (state championship), as she finished the task, and in accordance with the way she should be carried out, "Hughes said. "But now, her purpose is behind her, and there is no doubt that every group will follow her."Penn is fully aware of how the idea changes when you rise to the first. The supporters always look forward to the competition and are ready to prove that I am a good one, even if it is not better. "It's important to stick to modesty," said Penn, who also worked with 4x100 and 4x200 relays to run a 200 meter dash. "I'm the best for me, and I know I need to work harder. Every competition is the time for me to prove that I am the national champion, and I am waiting for this challenge. "

Penn's Star Trek didn't start from her February performance. Seed was planted during the cross-country season last fall. Long distance runners are affected by sprinting. Because it helps to improve endurance and strength, when combined with proper weightlifting and resistance training (running hill and sled), long distance runners usually continue to reduce their best time. Penn is a combination of team captain parkland cross-country team, she will own a lot to improve due to the short range training. "To say false, I hate cross-country,"He estimates that he will attract a small number of first local university scholarships from now to next year," he said. "But I did, because I knew it would make me better. In the post - season test, my time (55 and 300) was much better than I thought. "