Artificial intelligence sports stopwatch, will change the future of sports

发布时间 : 2021-07-12
 Looking ahead to the trend of 2018, the combination of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things must have been the main theme. Zhang shows that when these two are used together, the significant advantages of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence can be remarkably demonstrated. However, in the sports category Combined, will have a profound impact on the future of sports - not only in the competitive area, but also in ordinary people's participation in sports.


From the official use of the stopwatch at the First Modern Olympic Games in 1896 to the manual stopwatch at the Stockholm Games in 1912 into an electronic stopwatch and the end camera, then to the Munich Olympics press center for the first time in 1972 computers, Sydney 2000 During the Olympic Games Samsung released the first generation of Internet mobile phones, the Olympic Games to carry out every serious technical trend in history, are accompanied by a data revolution. Specialized sports professor said that Alibaba's big data advantage is its hand in hand the IOC to become the Olympic Games the world's leading cooperative partner address. The data is the foundation of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, leaving the data, both are mirages.

Ali sports stopwatch to make sports simple strategy for this also Alipay's concept of inclusiveness brought to the CES venue. According to Zhang Dazhong introduction, both the Olympic cooperation is still the Asian Games collaboration, the deeper meaning is to serve the same skills in cutting-edge events to serve ordinary people, Ali Sports to complete the " stopwatch movement more simple" by Is a combination of intelligence and the Internet of Things. According to his leak in the lecture, the newly applied computer vision aided detection of the human body joint point in the field of professional sports is being tried out by young sports athletes in the same way with stopwatch , that is, in sports such as gymnastics and ski time In the standardized training project, this skill sets the scientific viewpoints through the dynamic change of video grabbing human joints. And it can not only be monitored one-by-one through video recording, but also for training with multiple people. When a hundred children exercise sports training together, they can use 100 stopwatch memories , perhaps parents It's hard to find your kids, but computers are well-trained to be pinpointed. This is how the application of high-end stopwatch to daily exercise, Zhang said: "The Internet of things to make the data become temperature, we have to do is put the data into the detailed application of motion, at any time, any address, In any way, give the most limit to the use of stopwatch sports people lunchbox. "