Trail running self-prepared high-end stopwatch

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

With the prevalence of running, more and more people are also gearing up for cross country running. Trail running can train the body to depict the mind and help to overcome other hardships and obstacles encountered in the days. Trail running can be regarded as a lot of benefits. Wide field of space, especially the hilltop view of the small beautiful scenery, is loved by many cross-country runners. Trail running is also satisfied with our adventurous energy.

During the cross-country race, you will be running long distances in the higher elevations, thus requiring the use of many skills and equipment such as walking, professional sports stopwatch , trail running, etc., and you can not ignore the practice of these skills And equipment. In mountain sports, it can take a very long time and is also a test of human endurance and will. We have to do some basic exercises for cross-country running to train the abdomen, lungs, legs and shoulders muscles suitable for mountain cross-country, especially to greatly enhance the strength of the central muscle group, which will make you have a stronger running Determination. In addition to having off-road skills and a good physical foundation, what needs to be taken care of?


Preferred to understand the cross-country environment

Before taking part in the race to grasp the topography, weather and race weather, UV radiation and other conditions. Because these elements decide what you need with the items. The key is to bring everything you need, do not need to be able to get things done and so finished running back.

Trail running represents a constant exploration of the energy of unknown terrain, in the process you will find the beauty of nature, it no longer just detect aerobic capacity, but aerobic, anaerobic and inductive talent competition. It runs with the road in the selection of equipment is very different, let's talk about the cross-country running equipped.

Since the mountain cane needless to say, is the mountain weapon, uphill, available climbing stick leveraging, saving leg strength, cross-country running to use professional sports stopwatch , running in the wild, the use of stopwatch records more self-body The role of downhill normal situation can not have to climb a stick, but if you encounter this very muddy conditions, climbing sticks is downhill weapon. Use climbing sticks to hold down your body and move it slowly downwards. Another situation is the level of the slope, if there is no climbing stick fixed to prevent the decline, you can only use your hands as possible to seize the surrounding more stable objects, such as stones, roots and so on. On the long-distance cross-country race, be sure to use a professional stopwatch as a record of the ultimate effect of exercise, this will allow self-understanding of the pleasure of cross-country sports, run the data should be recorded stopwatch recorded in a notebook and save it.

Rehabilitation after the match

Do not immediately after the race to do stretching exercise, because the muscles are now very tired, and immediately stretched will form a muscle injury. Can not sit and rest after the game can not play, this will result in slower blood circulation, leg muscles will be in a state of tension for a long time, and then lead to delayed muscle repair. End of the race we can go10 minutes to slow , the concept of time is not good shoes can use professional stopwatch records, stopwatch will have these features of time , the purpose of the recovery after the game is to gradually relax the muscles. This time we do not stand for a long time, after walking to find the local sit down, and covered with a towel on both legs warm, which helps the blood circulation. In order to quickly discharge lactic acid, can dip the legs in ice water, so the blood vessels in the legs will be shortened, the blood lactic acid will be smoothly discharged, and then reach the role of agile recovery. After the exercise of water to drink sports drinks best, it is best to drink beverages with higher sugar content, in order to obtain rapid water and energy role. After about two hours of rest, eat some foods with high protein content.