Stop the control of their own position to stop the stopwatch interference

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Running is a "technical living", which requires stopwatch master of science running skills, long run not tired. The pace of running is the pace of your running, to a large extent determine your ability to run. Here I can introduce some steps to your practice methods, you want to improve the running ability of friends can give it a try Oh!

Tip 1: Add upper body tilt point

Adding upper body tilt point can accelerate the pace. As the body skews forward during exercise, the center of gravity shifts and the body becomes more affected by gravity, forcing the body to take the next step as soon as possible to prevent falls.

When we practice footsteps, the need to use the stopwatch to control the speed, to be gradual, and gradually add the upper body forward tilt point of view, a step by step slowly, until you find the most comfortable point of view. This will not only be able to practice stamina, but also not feel overworked after running.

Tip 2: Learn your own pace, timer practice

Companions in the pace of practice, the most important thing to know their own situation, a simple benchmark is to carry out a medium-intensity running, with a stopwatch or pedometer how many times you ran 30 seconds, and then multiplied by 2 to get the step frequency.

The normal pace of the people generally adhere to between 150-190. After the practice of athletes, using a stop watch or pedometer can reach 180 steps per minute or more speed. Companions can control their own pace based on this interval.


Tip 3: When the speed of change

Step frequency training to a certain stage, the demand for timely changes in speed. In the same frequency under the premise of companions to try to change your running speed, it is best to use the stopwatch appropriate speed running, it can be more useful to enhance their own power, the use of low-speed and high-speed differences, practice the body regardless of At what speed, the pace are insisted on stability.

The intent of this approach is to allow the body to simply remember the rhythm of high-pitched frequencies. Even if the running environment changes in the future, the stop-watch should be used habitually and the body should be able to adhere to the best conditions during practice.

The above three kinds of steps frequency practice method, small companions at the beginning may be boring, monotonous, this time companions can borrow music to practice add some "seasoning." I heard, step by step in the process of music cooperation, the role will be better Oh!

Second, use the correct breathing method

Obviously your enough force, but running out of breath, but also need to always rest to be able to continue running, but others can run a dozen or 20 laps, what exactly they do? In addition to outstanding sleep quality, stress, and eating habits that enhance your exertion, the right breath during exercise can affect your exertion. The four breathing options below provide the freshest oxygen in your muscles so you can run faster ,farther.