Health to the four basic movement

发布时间 : 2021-07-12
Jogging is the most popular aerobic activity main point, to link the excellent heart effect, guard against the heart function, and guard against muscle atrophy, prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, obesity, etc., all have good effects.

Jogging shoulds not be too fast, the speed of the link to fit rate, don't feel sad melancholy, subjective objective to control the heart rate per minute 180 minus number last year of age is appropriate. A man of 60, for instance, the jogging when heart rate should be 180-60 = 120 beats per minute, activity time not less than 20 minutes, no fewer than four times a week. Against chronic diseases patients appropriate selection intensity is small, time is short, middle-aged and old and poor constitution should select intensity is small and continuous solutions for a longer time, young people better and the constitution, the appropriate selection intensity bigger, continuous time shorter.

Run/walk way

Run way, there are two main point: one is go first after the run, run 1 minute after the walk for 1 minute, GuaDai. Can mediate growth once every two weeks activity, contraction time, increase run time. Another is by going to refine, with the figure with the strengthening of ability, walking slowly transition to replaced by jogging. Activity time is 20 ~ 30 minutes in a row, not less than 4 times a week. At the beginning to refine and infirm.

Climb the stairs

On the stairs is a fitness and common survival phase of joint activities, is a kind of portable, useful and easy to carry out, and were easy modulation of fitness activities, to bring, favored by the world live in most of the city high-rise building in the favour of people.

Climb the stairs is a relatively heavy aerobic refined, refined person must possess excellent fitness status, as generally accepted walk, run, jump and multistage than activities. To refine the credential itself body state and environmental conditions, choose proper itself is refined. Fitted appropriate starting slow and for 20 minutes, with the progress of physical fitness, gradually accelerating rate or extension of continuous time. When fitness can tolerate 30 ~ 40 minutes, then gradually transition to running, jumping or multistage across the stairs.

Ride a bike

Riding a bicycle fitness tests results as jogging and swimming. In order to reach your fitness goals, refined must grasp the activity intensity: initial one usually should be arrived in pedalling 60 beats per minute; To deal with a sure foundation is refined, push speed to 75 ~ 100 times per minute. Refined time shall not be less than 30 minutes every time, not less than 4 times a week.

Chariot briskly walking is one of the most simple and useful aerobic activity. Refined is bound to the credential itself is healthy environment, physical strength, age and customs, on its own strength. Rate usually should be controlled in 100 ~ 130 meters per minute, each step chariot for not less than 20 minutes. Best choice before dinner or eating every day and a half hours later, in the atmosphere of pure and fresh, elegant environment situation step chariot.