Morning run is better for health

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Outdoor activities will think of brilliant sunshine, strange atmosphere, shade trees, away from all the noise, bathing in nature, it is good to hear or see, and comfortable, can exercise. But is the original really true? Can you really enjoy it?

Most people think that breathing in a long time will be a dirty atmosphere. They can breathe the strange atmosphere in the mountain early, and they will benefit the body. But it is not a cloud. In this period of early 7 7 point night, high temperature is often higher than the floor, in the sky to form a layer like quilt like "inversion", cover over our head and the atmosphere pollutants are pressed in the inside, not easy to spread, so this time the atmosphere is not good the.


What time is the best atmosphere? The study shows 9 points to 10 points in the morning, when the sun rises, the ground temperature quick rise, the atmosphere tends to rise, the inversion layer will dissipate in the atmosphere pollutants by rising atmosphere aloft soon spread upward, the atmosphere became strange. Other letters from 4 to 7 points, the atmosphere is also good. From 4 to 7 points, the stressful abilities of the body and the external situation reach the highest level and the best energy. If we choose the most upbeat time of the biological clock, especially to do some violent activities, we can maximize the potential and stature of the human body and adapt to our skills, so as to achieve the goal of physical exercise.


Not all people are suitable for outdoor activities | Oh! For example that an outdoor activities like mountain climbing. The following crowd, if the mountaineering activities are held, the more meticulous!!!!!! people with the disease in the
1. leg. It is like terminal inflammation, bone junction disease and osteoporosis, and the time of mountaineering may cause a burden in the foot;
2. patients with coronary heart disease. The physical consume greatly, accelerate blood circulation, increase the body burden, easy to induce angina, myocardial asphyxia;
3. patients with epilepsy. Once a seizure, there is a life injury.
4. patients with vertigo. If the mountaineering process is vertigo, it is easy to fall.

In the process of climbing knee joint has a shock absorber is the meniscus, this is the two piece of semilunar cartilage, located at the intersection of the femur and the tibia, it acts as a cushion, used to evacuate weight. In addition, there is another structure in the junction of the junction of the knee, which is the junction of the junction cartilage, and their function is to reduce the friction between the bone and the bone. But when climbing, knee joint by the pressure is 4 to 5 times the road walking climbing often, these "shock absorber" frequently encountering wear, probably caused by knee joint and ankle joint chronic joint damage, excessive wear, and secondary arthritis.


It is the time for everyone to climb the team, to unite their own reality and select the good mountaineering teammates, to stop the unnecessary damage. The mountaineering activity is three times a week. In addition, the small editor also gave some mountaineering opinions, hoping that everyone could probably use it.
1.10~15 minutes before the mountaineering, even if not thirsty to drink 400~600 ml of water, which can dilute the blood, but also reduce the degree of water shortage when the action. Do not wait for thirst for water, drink water, drink three big mouths every time, and add water at any time. The best choice of sugar and electrolyte containing proper action to reduce the Commission drink, Dungan, as soon as possible to restore physical strength. fit the shoes (shoes and sneakers as well), cannot wear high-heeled shoes, clothes should be loose (sports clothes and sportswear as well).
3.take some water or drink with you in case there is no water on the mountain.
4.when the climate is bad, it is best not to go mountaineering in order to avoid harm.
5. Do not run down the hill when you go down.
6.the height of the mountaineering, but the waist, back to straighten, stop the formation of hump, bending posture.

If you want to be a professional outdoors. There is a good saying: "if we want to benefit from work, we must first benefit from its devices". A set of professional outdoor sports equipment is indispensable. Oh, mountaineering shoes, assault clothing, sunscreen clothes, mountaineering sticks and mountaineering bags. It is best to take the Rui smart bracelet or the Rui stopwatch equipment, and enjoy the outdoors.