About this year's sports test, general physical education teachers adopt the way of the school

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Physical examination this year, the city of more than 9000 candidates concentrated in guilin one test, on May 12 solstice from 20, points, nine batch test. On May 15, the reporter comes to guilin one on-site visit. , unlike in previous years, this year the physical examination in addition to the endurance and speed of the two projects will test, parking project, no longer to respectively from the standing long jump, solid ball toss, pull-ups (male)/minute sit-ups (female), a minute jump rope in the four projects according to their own special skill the freedom to choose one for the exam. All test project adopts electronic equipment.

"Ready, start." In a minute rope skipping test area, the reporter sees, with the sound "di", the size of a computer monitor rope skipping gauge meter timing starts, the examinee waving the rope, within a specified area has been flashing, update the data on the screen. End of the test, the meter gauge first show jumping rope count, and through the cable to transmit information to system. The working principle of the electronic equipment involves the light sensor and accelerometer.

Standing long jump test is no longer arrange bunker, put students in a post on the standing long jump test instrument in a "full range" of every jump, the instrument will automatically reported scores, students can choose best of three grades.

Boys and girls running project is still in the ordinary course of the playground on the runway, but end point was a row of infrared sensors. Reporter saw, the men's 50 m running one group of eight 17 examinee crossed the line, the infrared electric timer will capture the finish line width in the picture, and within the computer shows have crossed the line the examinee scores. At the same time, the examinee in the way of time, name, and test scores reported on a big screen synchronization.

"Before the exam are artificial counting, timing, hard to avoid deviation, the use of electronic measuring equipment including infrared, laser technology, video technology, the result of the test process and test more fair, fair and transparent." Body WeiYi place, said an official with the relevant "electronic examiner" mostly USES the principle of infrared induction, more accurate than human. Test field projects all examinee test to the surveillance video, such as students' examination results have doubt, can apply for review at the scene.

In addition, as the electronic test equipment to realize the counties in the city, our city sports examination score up to 60 points, all included in the examination results. Among them, the three test projects each score is 20 points. "60 points all included in the examination result, this means that the importance of sports performance in the examination of enrollment is stronger." City body WeiYiKe head to remind parents, more attention to the child's physical exercise at ordinary times, let the child and fully improve the comprehensive quality of morality, intelligence and physique.

As in previous years, considering the hardware part of the county mid-term exam sports test conditions and electronic equipment is not complete, the partial county test project is different. But from this year, three physical test project cities and counties (districts) all centralized and unified test, unified use of electronic equipment, better guarantee the mid-term exam sports fair and open.